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So much symptoms and a ruined life?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 3, 2009
  • 10:14 AM

So much symptoms i dont even know where to start. I also dont know if the symptoms are connected so i will try to describe all the things i have experienced

so far. If you will read this long story im really thankful, i hope you can give me some advices what to do next except commiting suicide.

First of all from a small kid i always had this thing that suddenly my body was creating some unknow allergic reaction which in fact was creating itchy and

painy tumors alike changes under my skin (generally always below the neck). These tumors (more like a boils but with no pus) usually disappeard after few

days and i was good as new. Since i remember (approx since i was 8) i had always serious stomach pains in the down-left side, which hurted so much i needed

to take painkiller-injections in the hospital. This stomach pain were attacking spontaneously and the attack was more like a painy pangs. Those pangs firstly

happend once in the 15 mins, then few mins after once in 10 min etc. etc. to finally create massive ammount of pain that i couldnt stand properly. The attack

usually ended in the toilet with diarrhoea after i was empty i felt good again.

When i was arround 15 i have no longer had the skin changes, it seemd like they have magicly disappeard. Anyway now my teeths started to crash, i had

multiple teeth holes - which is so ***n strange for this age doctor said. Anyway they have installed be about 8 mercury fillings (Hg - they used that once

here that days). Short after that all year runny-nose started. The nose-lunger was rather transparent with no color, and the nose "infection" worked that way

firstly one of the hole was closed (the nose-lunger was comming only from this one) and after this one cleaned the second one started to extract this

nose-lunger. After all the process was completed i had 2-3 weeks of peace and then it comes again. I had multiple x-rays of my sins, all came back clear.

About a year after it i started to have bronchitis (it was diagonsed to bronchitis) basically i started to cough. After taking the antibiotics i had a 1-2

months of peace. And then i had bronchitis again. Of course meanwhile i was also getting the stomach sensations from time to time.

Some months after a big cyst a like thing grown on my nose (but without a pus). The doctor didnt know what it was. It was resistant to multiple antibiotics

finaly after 5 months it disappear by it own leaving a scar (well that time i was on Erythromycin). Meanwhile i experienced bloody stools and had gastroscopy
it hurted a lot. Anyway they didnt test my initial part of gus, and i end with the diagnosis of Gastritis with single small ulcers. However they didnt make a


A half year later my beard started to develop carbuncles (pustules) filled with yellow/white/green pus. I've spent 2 years trying to get rid of it, and tried

most of the oral medicaments - no use. I had multiple doctors most of them didnt have a clue whats happening. The beard skin was so painy i even had problems

with putting the antibiotics there. Finally i hard about Accutane, huh that time it was like miracle drug to me, how stupid i was back then. I was taking

Accutane for approx. 5 months with 75mg dosage per day. Everything cleared smoothly i was really happy. But shortly after ending Accutane everything came

back with the double force, my face started to become red all the time. I've started to develop panic and agression attacks. Also the pustules spread to the

nose and the chicks. I have a brain fog and more and more fatigue problems. Also from 90kg that day i dropped to 65kg in 2 months. And whats more ****ed im

almost bald right now, heh my 60 years old father has 3 times more hairs then i am. Thinking about it now Accutane was the worst choice i made.

About a year after that my state was even more worse. I started to read about natural sumplementation diet and stuff. I was on constant diet for a year i

have improved my stomach condition i think - i was not experiencing the pains etc. Anyway i was eating only rice, vegetables, fruits etc and drinking water.

I was also trying to make several hunger strikes. The bad thing is that i now look like a skeleton and it seems i cannot get my weight back. I also notice

that after eating i am unable to consume several things - i mean they come out the second way in almost the same way. Whats more now when i dropped the diet

- since my skin condition does not improved at all, im having problems with eating foods. I mean for example after i eat watermelon im experiencing so much

pain i cant stand still and i need to lay down. And for example when i will eat bananas my stomach will start "overflowing/tipping" and i will end with

really bad smelly ****s.

Right now my face looks bit similiar to this (red substance is the marker - its a part of my beard, the pustules are either green, yellow or white):

Those pustules happens only in the area of face, mostly beard, nose, lips. It may sound funny but the number of pusutles highly increases after having sex.

Those pustules are ichy, painy and it almost feels like something is crawling there.

And regarding about now i have bronchitis right now. Im having yellow stools with a little diarrhea. I did amoxyciline for bronchitis and for the bacteria in

throat Augmentin with 1g dosage 2 time per day. My acne disappeard but i after i stoped the antibiotic it started all over again. Also my throat and stomach

pains happens mostly in the morning then they suddenly disappear. Sometime i develop carbunces inside of my ear or neck. I'm still cold even when its really

heat outside, by body temperature is about 35-36 degrees, i have cold hands and feets. A year ago i have developed a Beau lines on the nails of two feet

fingers. Anyway i even finally ended with comming to the shrink and got some drugs for anxiety. Which in fact havent worked at all. Im with acne symptoms for

about 5 years right now and it ruined my social life.

Heres a couple of more things i did on my own:
1) i have exchanged all the old mercury teeth filling to good ones, but the teeths are still crashing even if i will brush them 5 time a day
2) i have done bacterial cultures tests from the pus of the face, which came back from staph. epidermidis (which is a normal bacteria on skin)
3) i have done bacterial culture tests from the throat which came back with: staph. aureus, staphcoccus. beta. haem. group f.
4) i have done allergy tests, but whats more strange after doing this tests the doctor was so confused because it appeard im allergic to everything
and he said the test must be wrong
5) my blood tests are normal
6) my liver tests are almost normal except the bilirubin levels after taking Accutane (its a bit high)
7) i did parasites tests from the stool, in one of them they found giardia lamblia (although the laboratory was not pretty good and i heard they often

misinterpretate) anyway i took the full anti-parasite meds starting from tapeworm treatment ending with giardia lamblia treatment.
After invoking the treatment i had problems with low temperature of body about 35 Celcius degrees and i was shaking in the summer where it was about 26

Celcius degress outside. I alsos felt strange stings alike feelings near the heart.
8) i made a test for demodex parasite - came back negative
9) i did a blind meditation for herpes - no effect

Any ideas what can it be? What to do next?

Thank you!

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