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Serious marijuana problem...

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  • Posted By: Nothintolose
  • May 16, 2007
  • 04:38 AM

Hey guys, im not sure if i should see a doctor. But by this point, im scared to death. I'm 18 years old 19 this summer, pretty healthy guy. I stay fit working out in cardio and muscle training. I dont know my real father but its said that he does have heart problems at age 55, I know he used to drink alot and most likely still does. Every couple days I take a pill called Accutane. It's for acne and although my face is spotless now, it keeps anything from coming back. Accutane or Isotretinoin (Generic name) is known to increase blood pressure.

Anyways, this is my story. I was at my cousins today and we decided to smoke some weed. We we're hitting buckets (light the weed in the top of the cap and pull it out of the water sucking all the smoke into the bottle, twist off the cap and take the hit) . Now i don't smoke very often, once or twice a week if at all. At first I was fine, having a good time and talking but then 10-15 mins in I started having breathing problems. I decided to walk outside and get some fresh air but things only got worse. My heartbeat started racing to the point where i couldnt keep track of it, i had feelings of uneasyiness or restleness and every time someone would try to talk to me I would feel closterphobic and have to leave the area. No matter what I did my heartbeat wouldnt stop racing, I took off my shirt and began to soak myself in freezing cold water (a common soloution for panic attacks) but it didnt really help. If anything it made me shutter and feel worse. I had decreased balance, found myself getting glasses of water every 5 mins, in a new glass and spilling water on myself every time. Its almost like i couldn't hold onto the cup. It seemed like the moods would come in waves, sometimes I would calm down only to have it heigtened again. After about 30 mins of increased heart rate i started getting deep pains in my heart. My left arm also started to hurt, till it got to the point that it was in so much pain i couldnt lift it. I had decreased blood circulation in my left arm and my fingers started going pitch white. I also had feelings of death and almost called 911, by this point I was saying my prayers, asking god for forgiveness on every stupid thing ive done. After 2 hours of rapid heartrate and my whole arm going numb, I thought I was going to die. I tried exercising my arm and rubbing the area around my heart, hoping to free up a blood clot, or help in some way. As time progressed I started to calm down, I got feeling back in my arm and my heartbeat returned back to normal.

Im sitting here now almost over 12 hours later, Im mostly relaxed but know by feelings that ive smoked today. My heartbeat is fine and my arm is fine but my heart has a feeling of pain, like it went through something catastrphic. I've had a panic attack smoking weed before where I had feelings of adrnealine shot through my body, and increased heart rate, but not like this.

I've tried googling an aswer to my problem but cant find anything, I literally poured my heart into this post and if you took the time to read it, god bless you. An aswer or some advice would mean the world to me, I just want to live. With that being said im done smoking weed.

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