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Recurrent Renal Calculi

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  • Posted By: joepersaud
  • February 1, 2008
  • 11:02 PM

Chief Complaint. Back and loin pains (colicky)
1. Recurrent Renal Calculi
2. Constant Tiredness
3. Occassional cramps in hands and fingers.

Statistics: 49yr 1mo female, 118 lbs 5'2".
Para:4 Grava:2 (Both by C-section)
walks at least 2 miles daily. Stopped smoking 6 years ago.

Present Medications: Rocaltrol(calcitriol) .50 od, eltroxin(levothyroxine
50 microgms od, (herbal Vit D 1000IU-1500IU p.r.n
and calcium ocassionally when I get severe cramps)

Past Medical History: Relavent for the following surgeries in 1987: -
Thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and partial Thymectomy.
1991: Dormier Basket to remove renal calculi
1992: Renal lithotripsy (Coporal Shock wave therapy for Renal Calculi)
together with renal stents which were remover 3 mths later.
1994: Liposuction.....no complications
2005: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and ovaries also removed. NO
Hormone Replacement Therapy was given. Because of this I
occassionally took Estroven (plant phytogens occassionally) but
not taken on a regular basis.
2006: 2nd Renal Lithotripsy but no stents.

Family History: Father Unknown
Mother: Deceased at 75. Had diabeties at age 70 which was controlled with diet and exercise and the occassional Glicazide. The tablets were NOT taken on a routine basis. Hoo history of Cardiac nor Hypertensive disease.

Laboratory Tests done in Dec 07- Results are as follows: -
T3 Uptake -1.03TBI (0.2-1.90TBI), T4 (Total) -9.04ug/dl (5.1-14.1 ug/dl),
T3 total -0.94 ng/dl (0.8-2.0),TSH-0.84 uIU/ml(0.27-4.2), FTI -8.78 ug/dl
(4.8-12.7 ug/dl)
Sed Rate-14 mm/hr, CBC-all within normal limits, TSH-0.84 uIU/ml (0.27-4.2), FT3 1.19 pg/ml (1.8-4.2) and FT4- 1.31 ng/dl; (0.8-2.0). Albumin 4.4 g/dl (3.8-5.1 g/dl), Calcium- 8.5 mg/dl (8.1-10.4 mg/dl), Prolactin- 34.9 ng/ml (2.5-25.6 ng/ml), Progesterone- 7.6 ng/ml (luteal Phase).
FSH -25.8 MIU/ml (Post Menopausal- no ERT), L.H -32.1 mIU/L (Post Menopausal), Ferritin -57.9 ng/ml (6.0-159 ng/ml)
B.U.N -21.8 mg/dl (6.0-20), Creatinine - 0.7 mg/dl (0.7-1.2mg/dl)
Uric Acid -4.4 mg/dl (2.4-5.7 mg/dl), Sodium -143 mmol/L (133-144mmol/)
Potassium -3.7 mmol/L (3,3-5.1mmol/L), Chloride -104mmol/L (96-108)
Fasting Blood Sugar- 78 mg/dl (70-110). Lipid Profile was well within the normal limits and with a very low 3.5 CHD
SGOT, SGPT,GAMA GT,ALK PHOS,Total Protein,Albumin,Globulin, Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, and the Indirect Bilirubin are all WITHIN THE NORMAL LIMITS

Urinalysis - ++ blood, Hb- negative, Leucocutes- +or- 1, Albumin - neg.
PH - 7, S.G. - 1.015
Microscopy - RBC -5-8/HPF, WBC - 15-20/HPF and many superficial squam. cells. (Please note that this was the time I passed out a large stone)

KUB (x-ray): Calculus at the level of L4. (Incidentally, I passed out this stone)

My Urologist gave me oral Buscopan or Baralgin when necessary for pain but started vomitting them. (Gravol and phenegan did not help). I am now given pethedine 100mg IM and in 2 separate occassions Morphine 15mg. I am unable to tolerate the morphine injections. At this point I am unable to go a full week without having some sort of back discomfort. I am also constantly tired and is always hungry. My Internist ruled out Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia via laboratory investigations.(GTT, CBC, Glycozized Hb etc).

Why am I still making so many stones? Why am I in so much intermittant Right colicky pains? I cannot continue to keep taking all these strong medicines. Am I to continue talking all these strong Narcotics for the rest of my life?
I watch my diet, I exercise well, I stay away from too many calcium foods(as my lab results would show). I would only take oral calcium when I have severe cramps in my hands and fingers. I seem to have a constant positive choveck's sign. What am I to do. Can someone please help me sort my life out. Besides this forum, can someone please send me some advice to an email I set up just for this. It is jopepersaud1902@hotmail.com.

My kids are 17 and 20 and is now startuing attending University. I want to enjoy them...PLEASE HELP ME!

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