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Rash and small bump on penis?

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  • Posted By: pougsan
  • August 15, 2011
  • 08:19 AM

I'm brand new here, so not sure if I'm allowed to upload a picture of my penis. So am asking if I can first lol.

But so here's the story of what has happened to me. So about a year ago, I finally started to be sexually active. Never had anything wrong with my penis before I was sexually active. The only time I have stuck my penis in a girls vagina without a condom was with the first girl that I ever had sex with, and we only did it a couple times. sometimes even with a condom. She claimed to be clean. But I have received a bunch of *******s from a couple different girls as well within the few months after of first being sexually active. Now the thing is, a couple months after being sexually active, this non painful rash all of a sudden appeared on the side of the head of my penis. I was like uhhhh, okay, maybe it'll just go away. At first that area became a little dry, and then the red / browness coloring fully appeared. No pain or anything followed, so I didn't really think much of it. Months later after still having that on the head of my penis, I had gotten a *******b, and then just about 3 days later, I all of a sudden started getting really bad inflammation all over my glans penis. Even till this day I still get it every day. Ever since that first flare up, whatever kind of rash this is that causes this crap, it has spread from that very first non painful rash area, and has spread across the head of my penis and onto the other side, and there's a few random blotches of it as well. It has caused like, these up and down lines of my skin in the middle of the glans penis, and also the skin there can be easily wrinkled. It's almost as if the skin has aged significantly. I'm only 24 years old btw. Before I had ever done anything sexually with someone else, I never had ANY of these problems. but now ever day, I get irritation, inflammation, and it can be itchy as well. The itch isn't really like a mosquito bite type itch feeling, it's just kinda like an irritation type itch I guess I can say, so rubbing it sort of relieves that itch feeling. And also after I masturbate, the head of my penis felt like it got beat the ***l up. It doesn't really feel all that great lol. There's irritation as well and that can happen either shortly after, or the next day it can be pretty bad. I have tested out to see if I don't masturbate for a few weeks or so, if my penis would feel or get better, and it actually did a little. The rashness didn't go away, but the irritation and such was down quite a bit. It's really hard to do such a thing though lol. So I must suffer all the time :<

I have been to a handful of doctors, even the dermatologist, and they don't know wtf it is. I'm in the army, and so even all the wonderful doctors I am provided with don't know what it is! Cmon now lol... I have been prescribed a whole bunch of creams, like fungal cream, and stuff like that, and everyone of them have a type of cortizone in them and such as well. ( Should I write down all the creams and such I have taken? ) So I have been living with this condition for far long enough. It totally sucks. The dermatologist I saw said that it didn't look infectious. But I mean, it just has to be some sort of STD or STI or SOMETHING like that. Also I have never had any discharge or anything caused by this. Neither did I ever have any kind of fever or crazy non stop dierreah when this rash started to happen. It only has really caused dry skin from time to time and as always the irritation and itchyness. -.-. I forgot to mention that I also started drinking unfiltered non organic apple cider vinegar. Was drinking it morning and evening. That stuff is really good for the body and skin and such. Have been drinking it for months, but not really sure if has taken affect.

Now about that bump, so one day I had sex for a very short time with a girl, I definitely had a condom on, used a condom that had nonoxynol-9 spermicide, and I think something else. But later on that night, I had noticed this big red bump that is on the coronal ridge. I have never had any pain or itchyness or anything from this. It just got swollen that night, and as the months went on, it went down in size slowly but surely. It still is there, but is raised just a little. If I flatten the skin out, I can see a bunch of very small dark veins go to that area, and that's really all. So I have no idea lol. But thank you for anyone that reads this. Hopefully I can finally get this all settled and done with!

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