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pituitary microadenoma

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  • December 30, 2007
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A pituitary tumor was found on 9-10-07. I was sent to a neurosurgeon who in turn sent me to a endocrinologist. I presented thinking I had gotten pregnant even though I had a tubal ligation after the birth of my 3rd child on 8-5-06, with amenorrhea, galactorrhea, severe headaches, night sweats, moodiness, irratibilty, and clumsiness. I had a series of labs which were actually on the lower end of the normal range(prolactin only 4.23).Mri revealed the tumor, I call it this because that is what the neuro said it was. Well my problem is the endo did labs, prl,acth,cortisol,estradol,tsh,lh,fsh all came back in normal range but low end again except lh and fsh. I got a call with a follow up 4 months from now and I asked if we shouldn't check to make sure this thing has not grown and I was told in a year. I continue to have daily problems and all I get from the dr is "I really don't know" . IS THIS NORMAL WHEN A SMALL BRAIN TUMOR IS FOUND, AND IT CANNOT BE CLASSIFIED, IT IS STILL THERE AND NOT KNOWING OF WHAT ORIGIN IS DRIVING ME CRAZY???!!! I am unable to get a second opinion because I am in the states health care system. PLEASE HELP!

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  • I have the exact same condition. My repeat MRI showed no further tumor growth and I was sent home. They didn't understand why I had the tumor or why I had the symptoms I did (because like you my blood work didn't show anything dangerously out of normal range). So they gave me the diagnosis of PCOS to label my symptoms. I read about poly cystic ovarian syndrome and found ways to feel a lot better. If I take my supplements I feel normal; not 100% but much better. Natural progesterone cream solved my night sweats, and irregular heavy periods. Biotin helps with hair thinning. Vitamins, calcium, etc etc. It all made a difference. It is worth a try. Google online and find natural ways to help give your body a boost. I was told that until a definite disease process surfaces, treatment wasn't an option. They can't treat lab results that are within normal range; it could be seen as mal-practice. Things may or may not progress, so keep tabs on how you are feeling, and at minimum go see your family physician annually for a physical.
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    • December 12, 2008
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  • Visit www.cushing-help.com and join the boards there. They have a great network with many other people in your exact situation. Try not to worry, with cushings things just take time... Kiera
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    • December 13, 2008
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  • I have a similar diagnosis. I had galactorrhea for about 2 months and my TSH and prolactin levels were on the low-normal range. My pituitary adenoma was found with a detailed MRI. The pituitary tumors are not malignant tumors. Small tumors, 10 mm which warrant surgical intervention. Pituitary adenomas are very common and are found in 14-25% of the general population. Many times they do not secrete any hormones but can cause headaches, etc due to stretching of the dura - or the layer of tissue surrounding the brain structures. Because the incidence for the tumor growing is so slim, typical follow-up is 6 to 12 months for repeat MRI to ensure that there isn't a change in size. The tumors are classified by the type of hormones it secretes, so if the tumor does not secrete hormones and the labs are normal, this would make it very difficult for a classification to be made. The biggest signs to watch out for are visual disturbances, like a loss of vision or large black spots in your visual field as the pituitary gland is very close to you optic nerves in the brain. Most of the time though, if your labs are normal the pituitary tumors just hang out and don't cause any problems.
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