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Pains everywhere all over the body

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  • Posted By: abyssdnb
  • August 19, 2010
  • 08:55 AM

Hi all, I have been getting these problems for almost 7 months now and i find it hard to deal with everyday! It first started with burning pain in my jaw area and travelling to my ear...The pain was so bad i had to go A&E. They told me I had possibly TMJ- (Temporomandibular joint disorder). But because the pain was so severe in the first few months, I was panicking alot and kept going back and forth to different hospitals, And I was getting told different symptoms all the time like Neuralgia aswell, I was also given different medication! About 3 months in, the pain around my jaw and ear started to get a little better ( even though I do get the pain sometimes now and again ) and suddenly when I was out shopping a really bad pain in my throat came out of nowhere! It felt as though something like a bone was stuck and digging inwards in the middle part just below the adams apple. From there I have been getting shooting pains all over the body, head to toe. Having pins and needles on the hands and feet. When touching cold or out in windy weather i have sensitivity to the skin like my hands feel it! The main problem that is affectin me is the pain in my throat, it has never calmed down and I worry so much that I think it would be with me for the rest of my life! I have been to the doctors and they have told me Its Anxiety & Depression. I tried to accept it was that, but I dont see a change in myself, The doctor also gave me Prozack to take, but because I suffer form Tinnitus I have NOT been taking them, which I have even told my doctor about. I've been to see a Neurolgist lately and he said it was the same thing as to what my doctors said. He said that he has seen many people with the same problems and that it would go within the next 2 weeks or so, if it does'nt then we will give you something to calm it down! He even said NOT to take the medication Prozack. So I did feel releaved! But then after that day again I feel back to stage 1, where I can't accept what people say what it is, but then how could you get rid of stress if your in pain?:confused: I have also been looking on the internet and reading about other symptoms like Fibromalgia. Im always thinking that I could have this! Im so in need of help right now, I just want my life back the way it was!!!:( Its worse in the mornings aswell. I do work full time, but I struggle to make it through the day and I come home feeling down and in pain! What would you think this could be or has anyone experienced the same as me? I would like to hear from you all! Could I be making a fuss outn of all of this and I should except its Anxiety & Depression?? PLZ HELP!!! Thanks :)

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