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non-union fracture

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 28, 2007
  • 06:15 PM

I fell approx 15 feet, landed on my head and shoulder, was knocked out, and lost control of bodily functions. I suffered with a shattered left collarbone,(comminuted fracture), laceration of scalp, and had a lot of soft tissue damage. This happened 16 months ago, and I still have a non-union fracture. The drs wanted to wait to see if it would heal on it's own due to the fact that the main artery that supplies the rest of your body with blood is right at the fracture sight. It was too risky. I have since been on a bone stimulator, had to have arthroscopic surgery for adhesive capsulitis,(frozen shoulder), and have constant pain in my neck. My head was twisted in a weird way when I fell. The x-ray showed deteriation of end plates. My vertebrae are pushed to the left, out of place so bad that you can see and feel it. My therapist said something about my para-spinals. I have headaches in the back of my head almost everyday, and my left shoulder blade sticks out pretty far. It feels like bugs are crawling under the scapula. I have lost my upper body strength, and still have not regained full range of motion in my shoulder. My tendons are still swollen in the front and back of my neck. i never had any neck problems prior to the accident, and requested an MRI. Instead they gave me an MRI of the shoulder. The technician told me right out that I'll probably be back for another MRI of my neck. I couldn't at that time lift my head off of the bed without using my good hand and arm to support it. That was eight months after the accident. My symptoms have improved alot, but it's still a non-union... no more bone stimulator, I do my therapy at home now, took lots of calcium, still have headaches, sometimes blurred vision, speech problems ( stuttering and saying words that don't exist), better range of motion, but still can't raise my arm up very far to the side, and can recch for the stars but can't quite get all of the way there. The dr then stated he would go ahead and put the plate and screws in if I wanted him to. I can live with the range of motion I have. At least I can still have use of my arm. I told him we would have to stop meeting like this, and asked him to discharge me after 14 months. He is a wonderful dr., and helped me so much more than the original dr I had been seeing for the first six
months. He also said my scapular stabilizers were gone, and gave me exercizes to strenghthen them. He said I may never get them back completely since they are gone so long. I sound like a chronic complainer, but this has been a life altering experience. I used to work for a nursing agency, and can't go back until I am fully recovered. I don't want to hurt or drop anyone. My questions? Is there a possibility that the bone will fuse after 16 months? What are the end plates in your neck? My vertebrae are still curved to the left side. I hurt the parietal lobe in my brain when I fell, and had staples. They said i had a slight concussion. Why can't I talk right? It's embarrassing. It usually happens when I get excited or am tired. Do you think my headaches and visual changes are from the neck? I am a 45 year old female, smoked, quit, started up again. Otherwise in good health. I am thin and small framed, but what are some of the under-lying causes of non-union fractures? Help!!!!!!!!!!

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