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Nerve Damage from Wisdom Extraction

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 6, 2007
  • 03:52 PM

My name is David. I'm 20 years old, a healthy fit gay male. I had 4 wisdom teeth cut out back in March of 2006. From the moment I left the chair I had problems, I felt dizzy and felt like something was wrong. Within hours my parents brought me home and I started vomiting. Turns out they gave me PCN which I am allergic to, long story short I ended up going to the ER and was treated for dehydration and uncontrollable bleeding (I had sadly ripped all my stitches out). Eventually after many hours my bleeding stopped with gauze, my vomiting stopped and I was discharged home with a new set of pain medication. However it's been so long I couldn't really recall what it was, perhaps T3 + Oxycotton, however it's been a long time and I find what medication I took was irrelevant. About 5 months after the surgery I started noticing that my allergies had changed and were now uncontrollable and that I had chronic post nasal drip syndrome and was CONSTANTLY gagging on my excessive fluid that was dripping down my throat. Along with this new uncontrollable fluid that was pouring out of my nose and down my throat, I noticed that both ears were tingling and often went numb and felt like my eardrums were moving.

It was at this time I decided that a month had went by and my symptoms were getting worse so I made a trip to see my Family Practice MD. She said that my symptoms of chronic post nasal drip are often seen in gay males who have an HIV/AIDS infection and that I needed to be tested right away even though I told her I haven't been with anyone in 6-8 months, and I used a condom, plus I had just had a HIV test done and it was negative. Anyways the lab came back and of course it was negative. Now my symptoms have moved from my ears to the jaw line and temple. The tingling is now persistent and was coming about 5-20 times a day, constant tingling and numbness as if my entire head was asleep and attempting to wake up. She then proceeded with saying that I am presenting symptoms of HEARING LOSS, I literally laughed and told her to schedule me an MRI or I would do it myself and find a new MD. She refused until I had the hearing screen done just to rule that out. I did and within about 3 minutes of testing the MD came out and said I have perfect hearing but I do have some slight fluid on the ears, which he said was probably from the post nasal drip and my allergies.

We proceeded a few weeks later to have an MRI done at the Hospital I work at. MRI didn't show any sign of tumors of bleeds and showed no signs that would be causing me to have such symptoms. I felt as if I'm going crazy, still stumped on what is wrong with me. She tells me it's all allergies and the sooner I get it under control the better for me, and her. I proceed with getting allergy testing and was surprisingly only allergic to about 5 different things. I now take a allergy shot once a week and moved up my Loratadine to Allegra D-24 hour. My symptoms (except for the tingling and loss of feeling/numbness) have bettered, but I am still blowing my nose 10 times a day and am still gagging on the post nasal drip.

I noticed my acid reflux was getting bad again and said perhaps my ulcers were coming back, so she put me on two kinds of medication (I can't remember which). Another long story short, the medicine she gave me didn't allow my 40mg of Omeprazole to work properly. About a week later I complained that the acid is bubbling up into my mouth nonstop and that I could not take it anymore. She scheduled me an apt. to have an Endoscopy done and the physicians found about 15 polyps in my stomach, the screening for cancer was negative, however they didn't remove them but rather want me to come back once every 2-4 years and have them rechecked. Acid reflux was finally back to where it should be, I was no longer getting it bubbling up into my mouth and didn't always feel sick.

However, my original symptoms were still there, if not worse. The numbness has moved now to everywhere from my jaw line, inner eardrum, chin, cheeks, top of head, temples, etc. You get the idea, it's random, loss of feeling/numbness, is now persistent. I now am confused, I am so lost that I cannot see straight, so I cried, no one was giving me answers I was just beating around a bush and thought about giving up and seeing what happens until one night I recalled that I had my wisdom teeth out and my post nasal and tingling/loss of feeling WERE NOT THERE UNTIL POST OP. It was at this moment that it all fit together and I realized after all this time I forgot that I even had it done.

I contacted my oral surgeon 5 times this week but he will not return my phone calls, I even left the messages with his personal nurse that I felt I may have nerve damage if not severe and wanted to know my options for treatment. But I know what the answer will be: It's been almost a year the chances of nerve repair are slim and that it will be a wait it out and see type of thing. I'm waking up in the middle of the night because of the weird feelings on my face and I just want to share my frustrations with others. I'm not crazy, I'm not making anything up, but it would make sense.

What should I do now?

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