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My story, help? Depression, Physical Pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2007
  • 09:28 AM

I have dealt with depression and anxiety for years. I was doing very well until the pregrancy with my second child. Everything came back full force and then some. Since his birth I have had severe fatigue, pain in my joints: hands, feet, elbows, etc. I can hardly walk at times. I cannot live life the way I need to. My kids are not neglected, but their life is not as full as it could be. I have been tested for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis (which my mother has severely) and many other things. My rheumatologist told me he thought I had Fibromyalgia. I am not pleased with this diagnosis. I know that stress has a huge role in my physical well-being, but my life is filled with the utmost of stress right now. Job losses, having to sell our house because we cannot pay our mortgage, you name it. Of coarse, it could be worse. I am so tired of letting my family down by not being able to participate in regular activities. I try to take on new endeavors, but often give up. I do not want to be a failure. I want to be brave and stong, but the fatigue, severe headaches and physical pain wear me out. In August of 2006 I tried to take my life and was hospitalized for several weeks. My children, although small, were without their primary caretaker for weeks. The tests are inconclusive, I have little will power and my energy comes and goes. I was so agitated in bed tonight that I had to get out and do something. I know that everything is going to come back to my stress. . .how do I move past it and enjoy my life? I pray to God to help learn this skill, to be stronger. I have lost friendships due to my negativity and I guess you could say self-pity. I have already lost one marriage. I must hold on to this one. My children are amazing blessings and I do not want to mess them up! Please help with any advice you could give me! Blessing to all.]:(

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  • I am sad to hear you are feeling this way. I wish I could tell you what to do and make you feel all better but I beleive it is YOU that truly needs to be ready for a change. I have two little kids of my own and even though I don't have any signs if depression I somtimes get so overwhelmed I cry it out in the shower or just want to give up. Its hard I know. But you also mentioned that you have family and I know they care about you very much. Why not try to set one day of the week, just for a few hours, that you get someone to watch your kids for you. During that time you go and do something special for yourself..... like go shopping, take a walk, get a manicure or a massage.. just totally pamper youself. It will be something to look forward to and something to get you going. Also, you can try and join a gym or take walks with your kids.. excersize give endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Even though your kids are young, don't underestimate how smart they are. They know more than you think and they want their mommy to be happy. Put on some music and dance with them (even though you are not in the mood to) you'll be glad you did.I hope you feel better. BE HAPPY>
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  • Thank you for your support and encouragement. That means so much, that a stranger cares enough to encourage me!I hope your days are happy and filled with blessings. . .
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  • not only must it feel awesome to hear that u can get help from ppl thank you for puttin ure story oni have depression i always knew that i wasnt alone and that many ppl du but it was great to read and hear that u feel exactly tha same as me!!!a depressed teenager
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  • Jeese, ***n I got aches, for like the last 6 months or so......I put down to over thinking sh!t.........can hardly move some mornings........i'm sure there's nothing wrong with me.I don't do doctors an that, think I get me some of that marajuanna the kids puff on......don't even smoke myself. Make some of them hash cakes, I guess???If it's any good, I send you some :DRegards,Bling.
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    • November 26, 2007
    • 01:14 PM
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