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Measles, Roseola, or something else????

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 17, 2007
  • 04:13 PM

My 21 mo yr old daughter currently has a rash - spots on her face, arms, trunk, back, legs. The rash does not cover every area....like she has it on her cheeks, but not the whole face, etc. In other words, she is not "covered" with a rash. It is not raised & doesn't seem to bother her (itch). She had a fever for about 3-4 days prior to the rash, & cold-like symptoms preceded the fever.

Let me give you a little background.....In February, she was sick with a fast spiking temp with a febrile seizure, followed by a rash after the fever broke: Roseola. No seizures before or since then. On June 6, we went to the Dr for a check-up. At that time, she was just starting with the runny nose. Dr gave her her shots (MMR included) - I believe she missed one dose, as her last appt before that was at her 12 mos appt. Anyway, the cold seemed to progress, but she never really acted sick. On June 9, she broke out in hives.....nothing new ingested or in contact with her skin - could be completely unrelated. She had a low grade fever beginning June 10 & ending approx June 13-14. Highest it got was 102. Then, on June 15 I noticed the rash starting. June 16 I called the Dr who said to give her Benedryl. Didn't really do anything for her. Throughout this, she has been a little clingy & cranky at times, appetite decreased, sleeping more - wanting a nap at 10am instead of her normal 1pm, etc. Sometimes she is her normal ole self. Today, she seems much more cranky & whiney. The rash itself is flat - no raised areas. Red/pink in color & like the appearance of a heat rash. But there are some blotches here & there, where it seems to "run" into eachother.

Soooo.....could this be the measles? Had she been exposed to it prior to her immunization, but just a milder case due to the fact that she did have some immunity to it from her 12 mo shot? Could it be a reaction to the immunization? Is it roseola again....can you have a repeat occurence? Is it something different altogether?

And just so you know, she is not in daycare, but has 2 older brother (8 & 6 yrs old) who tend to bring everything home. No one else in the house has been sick with anything.

Thanks in advance for your input!


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