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Help! I feel sick after eating ANYTHING! I'm so sick of this

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  • Posted By: HelpMeFeelBetter
  • December 28, 2007
  • 09:15 PM

Wow, where do I start. Well for starters I'm a 15 year old male that's been feeling bad for 3+ years. My problem is when I eat anything this triggers a ton of unexplainable symptoms which are:

-Ache all over
-Stomach aches
-Shortness of Breath
-Poor memory*
-Terrible concentration*
-Abdominal cramping*

I put a * next to the one's that are the worth and they are pretty constant. The fatigue I feel is like my whole body is drained of energy even after eating well and a goods nights rest. The anxiety seem to come soon after eating an can last for 30 minutes to 3 hours. I think the others are self explanatory.

I've pretty much been to every doctor on the planet I'll try to list them. I've been to first of course a pediatrician and family practice doctor 10+ times throughout the 3 or so years. I was allergy tested, had my lung capacity tested (at the beginning of the period I would complain about breathing a lot. In the past year or so I went to see a neurologist, he said everything was fine. Then I saw a gastroenterologist and they had me looked at from both ends. The only thing they found out was that I was lactose intolerant.

I've had multiple blood test done and have been tested for everything from Lyme to diabetes.

I been to an "alternative medicine" doctor, at least that's what I think it's called and I tested negative for Candida overgrowth. A few months before this occurred I had tried the Candida diet for a month. I felt better mentally ,but almost worse physically. What this doctor did find from a stool test was that I'm gluten intolerant and have a bacterial imbalance in my large intestine. That's all I know really.

I've been to a counselor and took an physiological exam. It ended up saying I score high for depression ,but also it could be a physical problem. After that I was put on Zoloft, right now I'm up to 100mg and also 150mg of Welbutrin. I've been taking these for about 3 months and haven't noticed any effect. I think there definitely was a time that I was depressed ,but I am well past that now and I deeply feel that is not the root cause. However I am still very open to solutions.

Today I went to a psychiatrist and he said that I wasn't depressed and I wasn't over obsessing, or worry about my health so it's really looking to me like it's physical. I think he gave me something for anxiety ,but we still need to get that filled.

I may be missing one or two ,but If I remember I'll fill you guys in.

For about a week and a half now I've been on the Wholesome Medley diet program. At the very bottom of this page it cover what it consist of. What it is basically is eating the core foods: fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, brown rice, poultry and lean meat. I'm also making three shakes daily that consist of fruit, water, and a supplement powder. Along with these I have to take 10 supplements pills each time. Seven Gastro-Fiber and three SP Cleanse.

So I've been following this diet religiously for the past week and a half with no noticeable improvements. It is a three week diet ,but I'm thinking about maybe doubling it if I still don't feel better. I really wanting to get back to school and not sit at home for months on end o if anyone has a clue about how to sort ANY of this help feel free to help. http://www.steadyhealth.com/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Thanks for your time!

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