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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 3, 2007
  • 07:58 PM

So, in my desperation i'm posting to this forum. tho i'm feeling rather skeptical that anyone has any idea what could be wrong with me as I’ve been researching my symptoms on the net for the last two months.
my symptoms began the first week of December ‘06: hard heart beat, not fast, light headedness, then a ferocious headrush as if i’ve just received a huge dose of blood flow into my head, almost immediately followed with a feeling of blackout (though I haven’t blacked out), then vertigo like dizziness. Constant/consistent pressure in my head during the first month of this seemed like my head would explode, now a month later my head feels like it will implode. Constant/consistent ear pressure, ringing and extreme sensitivity to loud sounds. Occasional piercing pain in my left ear, sometimes piercing pain shooting through my head. This lasts a split second. Feeling of low blood pressure, feeling faint when standing, or sometimes feeling faint for no reason, i.e. sitting having a conversation, watching tv etc. did I mention sudden onset of extreme fatigue? My ears often feel extremely hot, other times they feel like there are larvae crawling in my ears, and other times my ears itch horribly.
I also suffer from severe upper and lower backache.
Whats been done to me so far? I’ve had a CT scan of my neck with dye injected into my veins. This showed no obstruction of the corated artery or surrounding arteries. CT scan of my head revealed a bad sinus infection which was treated with antibiotics, and has cleared (didn’t change my symptoms tho). MRI of the thoratic region of my spine showed spondylosis. I already knew I had disc compression of C2 thru C5 from a car accident 20years ago. MRI result was no impingement of the spinal cord, Not the cause of my symptoms.
Additional tests: echocardiogram showed my heart was strong without any physical abnormalities, blood pressure has been normal standing, lying down and getting up from a lying position. 24hr portable heart monitor did not pickup any abnormal heart rhythms.
Although I love working out at the gym, I’ve been absent since June ’06 due to various reasons. That said, when I was working out I avoided the treadmill or anything which raised my heart rate as this would cause me to feel dizzy and as if my head was in a dark tunnel. Lately my traditional Sunday morning grocery shopping at my local Wal-Mart has become almost impossible. After walking around the store for 20mins or so I get a severe case of headrush, feeling of faint, feeling of dizziness and extreme fatigue.
I try to eat sensibly everyday, breakfast at 6:30 am consists of ½ cup oatmeal with a scoop (20 gms) of protein powder. 9:00 consists of an oatmeal/energy type low protein bar, 11:30 is usually a chicken salad, or ham salad or extra lean meat burger. Mid afternoon 2:00ish snack is usually another type of energy.low protein bar or a fruit/veggie snack like grapes, carrots, cucumber etc.. 5:30ish is usually a dinner of baked chicken, beef or other type of lean meat with a veggie side sometimes accompanied with one or two glasses of red wine.
What meds do I now have sitting in my cubboard? Valium, meclizne, some steroid for inflammation, alegra, an empty bottle of amoxicillin, and another empty bottle of some superduper antibiotic, plus 20 or so pills of a sample muscle relaxer I got from the neurologist on my last visit. Valium helps a little, not much. Red wine helps more. A couple of cold popsicles which give me a ‘cold headache’ take away ALL my head symptoms but just for a short while.
Oh, one more thing, late last summer I had a complete physical. My PCP said my numbers were all ‘text book’ perfect.
Any ideas on what could be wrong with me?

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