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Food Poisoning - Ciguatera

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  • Posted By: Fanfayr
  • January 24, 2009
  • 11:17 PM

I need to know if there is anyone else who is suffering from food poisoning of the neuro-toxin Ciguatera. I had eating Shashimi Tuna at a very nice restaurant. Never expected to get sick from it. But, I did. 10 months later it is still kicking my butt. There is no way but symptom diagnosis to determine this nasty toxin. I have been told.. "there is no way you got ciguatera from tuna" hello.. that is what I ate and 2 1/2 to 3 hours I was vomiting violently and diarrhea immensely. All of it was black.. I didn't eat anything black. But, my body was doing its job by expelling it from my system. In every direction possible.
To this day 10 months later I have a lot of very bad days. Only a few good days.. Imagine in 10 months only 3 good days. Every day I have some level of a headache. (MRI done - diag. fine) numbness in hand and feet, weakness in hands a feet, blurred vision. I have also had and still have but not as bad.. difficulty thinking. My cognitive thinking was horrible. Now, is just bad. My short term memory has issues also. My speach is slurred at times. This I only found out from winning tickets from a radio station and hearing myself replayed on the radio. I sounded drunk. Ah, no I don't drink, I don't smoke and I do not take any drugs. I was diagnosised by my primary the week following the food poisoning. I had mild pain in my back but figured it would go away. The pain got worse and it was in my kidney area. The doctor says, go to the ER. So, I did. I was fortuante to get a doctor who studied with some others who did research on Ciguatera. He at that time diagnosised me with Ciguatera also. However the one and only somewhat conrtovertional treatment of Manitol wasn't offered as it had been over 48 hours from contamination. All of the symptoms that are stated to come with this neuro-toxin I have. Now, 10 months later I have peripheral neuropathy. The right side of my body is numb and weak. It is my right eye that goes out of focus. It is my right kidney that pains me every day also a pain in the lower quadrant of my stomach is painful. My right knee that gives out on me while walking. That seems to happen a lot. My muscles hurt, my joints hurt. I am always tired.. very tired.. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. I sweat profusely, at night and during the day. If I try to exercises I itch all over. I have these areas on my body. The rash use to be worse but that shows some improvement. I have nightmares off and on along with sleep paralysis. Which is very freaky.. never had anything like that. I have read that this toxin if fat soluable. I have gained weight since this illness, I have tried loosing weight and got sicker. So is this possible? How can I heal this. I am only 52 and don't want to live my life this misserable. Now the doctors are trying to lable me with this and that. The peripheral neuropathy.. they are trying to say I am diabetic.. and I have never been diagnosed. Maybe now that everything else is screwed up. Oh.. carpel tunnel, yes I have had surgeries for that.. but wasn't having issues till the day after I got sick.. now, they want to say I have carpel tunnel. I need a doctor who is an expert with this toxin. Any help is welcome.

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