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Could it be b12 ? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses

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  • Posted By: poppybug
  • July 4, 2010
  • 05:44 PM

Firstly can i say how frustrating it is trying to get anyone to listen to you when they seem to block you out and decide on whats wrong with you before even finishing a sentence. Ive had the normal everyday health problems over my life , colds cough, chicken pox , shingles etc and had lifes not verynice moments in life that have caused some distress but all of which i have coped with untill last october which may not off course have been the start of it but thats where i will start. I caught an horrific cold that kept me bedridden for a couple of days which is unknown for me , then started getting other things which have carried on till now and here is a list of every symptom ive experienced.
Heart palpitations
Shortness of breath
Strange feeling of my body being imbalanced
severe headaches
tingling in arms
chronic severe fatigue
constant sore mouth and throat
loss of appetite
constant feeling of gass in stomach
body aches

First of all i have had asthma since my late 20's so firstly i thought i was having some sort of attack with the heart palpitations, shortness of breath so i rushed to hospital twice where they gave me treatment. So i went to doctors and they checked my inhalers and increased those but them the sore mouth and throat started so i went back and the doctor told me he thought it was a viral infection form the cold i had had and to let it run its course. Around the same time came the severe headaches so i started taking pills for those but they never went and neither did the sore throat and mouth. The anxiety and the imbalace feelings i get which might i add ive never suffered with before have made sure i stay as active as i possibly can all the time or i just sleep and sleep but this is on a good day. On a bad day i just can't function with everyday life and its not because i don't want to its because my body doesn't so i just end up sleeping this is the severe fatigue i talked about earlier, Ive never felt so drained of every ounce of life inside me. Then theres the gas in my stomach now thats a strange one which my daughter(i will mention later) finds amusing. Firstly i have no appetite but because of the constant sore mouth ive found that if i eat little and often it kind of helps but no matter how slow i eat it feels like the food is at the top of my throat and that my stomach is full of gas and the only way to get rid of it is drink fizzy pop which obviously makes me burp (sorry) which seems to help a little. Might i add that burping is only something i did once in a blue moon which is why my daughter finds amusing. Anyway i could go on but im guessing you get the idea . ive visiting my doctor numerous times to which one of them (i have three) as tried to put me on anti-depressants which i refuse to take and so i went and took myself to a local hospital in desperation and a nurse there told me there was no way im depressed ?? then my other doctor did some tests cause i got upset and they discovered my b12 was 183 which they said was only just under the minimum 185 so i sat and said so what if my normal level to function should be much higher so they gave me 5 x injections over a two month period which i seemed a little better but a week later i felt ill again and i then asked to see an haemotologist but as soon as he saw i had been prescibed anti-depressants he said i was probably depressed so i have another app with him in eight weeks and another b12 injection in 3 months but i feel im slowly losing my mind and cant seem to get anyone to listen to me when i say I KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING MORE WRONG WITH ME ? Any way i fell upon your book of which i got two copies one for me and i hand delivered one to my doctors office with a nice note just trying really to get them to open there mind to this problem because as my doctor confirmed some of the symptoms he had no idea where caused by b12 defieciency and i actually do have good doctors. So Sally if you can advise me in any way possible i would be so gratefull and so would my daughter who wants her mum to have the energy to chase her round the house again......

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