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Cascade Effect Lyme's Lungs Flaccid Paralysis

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  • February 14, 2007
  • 00:53 PM

I had Lyme's disease (spirocheates) in 1983, before they had given Lyme's its name. Large glowing places appeared on my front thigh muscles. But, it just so happened about that same time a doctor had given me an antibiotic, so I was sort of protected from the full Lyme's attack to my nervous system. I did slip into a coma on my couch before it was done with me.

As I laid there not sure if I was asleep or in limbo or what, I realized I had a choice. I could have chosen to slip further into the coma and die, or not. When I took Door Or Not my adrenalin jumped and gave me a direct shot to the heart muscle. I'm of the opinion that adrenalin dump burned up some of the Lyme's spirocetes out of the spinal fluid.

I had a recurrence last year. The spirochetes can sit dormant inside you til some other disease weakens you then they multiply like crazy. They got so heavy into me that sometimes when I would talk my mouth muscles would spasm, cause my jaw to ***k. I'm better now. I ook some nutrition product or other and got them back under control.

But the reason I'm writing this is I'm getting a little *****d off at our healthcare system. I got Lyme's infection 24 YEARS AGO and here I am, still dealing with it, and still being brought to the mortuary door by it. So the cascade effect of not getting medical care is that we keep developing more diseases off of those earlier un-treated diseases, so that we end up having "disease syndromes".

And it just isn't necessary! The same thing happens when people do not receive medical intervention for obesity, meaning abdominoplasty or mesotherapy (fat-dissolving injections of poison). Obesity being treated as a willpower issue is WRONG.

Like, in November 2006 my left arm went numb. The doctors think it's a mechanical (nerve pinch) issue but it looks like it may be the toxins that got in me, the Lyme's return. The bacteria pooped my brain and spine full of waste products, so my arm is numb some and the hand part paralyzed, which I read up on this morning and it is called neuropathy.

Obesity left untreated by THE ENTIRE MEDICAL COMPLEX then cascades into several circulatory diseases, hypertension and extreme high blood pressure that has been hitting me for the past FOUR YEARS. Only last year did a docor give me DIOVAN which has helped a lot. But you see, THEY TREATED THE AFTER EFFECTS without chasing down the Root Causes.

Which means MORE CASCADING. For lack of medical intervention I stay on disability since 1989. In the past 4 years I've spent $5,000.00 on nutrition supplements in an attempt to restore my health since a string of doctors and specialists have been unable to DO THEIR JOBS.

Right now I'm trying a product called Acetyl-L-Carnitine for treatement of the neuropathy. It seems all this crap not being treated for like FOREVER has caused a condition called apoptosis to worsen (accelerate). This supplement gives a boost to the cell mitochondria and I'm beginning to have increased energy.

What have my doctors done. Basically, not much. Last year my other doctor increased my Unithroid to 175 mcg a day. It's like, all these doctors know to do is apply Band-Aids. Extra Unithroid was little more than applying a bandaid without knowing what or where the cut is.

I just wonder. People say under socialized medicine it would be really bad. How much badder can it get than this? I have had to diagnose my own diseases. Where th ***l is the medical or healthcare people in the United States? On the golf courses?

I used to wheel my Mom around the hospital for her cancer treatements. She had 5 before it was over with. So after she passes away in 2000, I contacted several of her doctors to see if they'd give me a look over since I had turned 50. They told me NO, we cannot. Your primary physician has to refer you... to us.

Isn't the fact my Mom and 3 of my aunts died of cancer referral enough? So in 1999 I couldn't breathe very well. My air passage (right side) was obsructed. The Ear Nose & Throat "specialist" couldn't see anything wrong. Last year, 2006, the lump that 4 specialists and 2 doctors couldn't see decided to suddenly grow. I took the pliers to my own cancer and jerked the s.o.b. out.

So I figure right now the only thing standing between me and Death is a shelf full of healthcare supplements and the good Lord above helping me. I believe in them both. Tyrosine and tumeric are natural cancer-fighting agents. That I lived into 2007 is a major Miracle. At one point, one day, I thought it was my last. That day was the decider. I'd either be here on the morrow, or not.

Long about 5-6 pm I felt a cavalry charge of healthy stem cells travel across, through my chest, into my right side that was dying. Seems I had taken so many megadsed nutrition supplements I had "super healthied" my left side til it OVER-PRODUCED STEM CELLS and then the ol rat brain sent them over, flooded the stem cells from my left healthy side of my body over into the right diseased side.

Sometimes I make a health shake that is really powerful. It contains lots of mashed bananas, a product called ToppFast from AMS, and a product called Oxy-Nectar. I made one the other day (few days ago) and after 10 minutes felt a warmth in my neck that filled my head. Wow.

You have cancer? Neuropathy? Diabetes? Multiple Schlerosis? Behcet's Syndrome? Mix that shake 2-3 times a week and see the healing power your body & brain has ONCE THEY HAVE THE NUTRIENTS TO DO SO.

Oh, and about my lungs. Alto a non-smoker, last year plus in 1980 my lungs gunked up so bad I almost couldn't make it. Last year Dr. Malenchak found bacterial infection the culprit. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I rc'd antibiotics and Albuterol but without a correct diagnosis of the Lyme's coming back, I still went downhill cacading toward the grave.

Woodrow Riley
February 14, 2007, by the Grace of God still alive.

I'm not out of the woods yet but I carry as many machetes as I can find.

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