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Active B12 Basics

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  • Posted By: Freddd
  • July 19, 2009
  • 08:01 PM

version 1.0 - 07/19/09

The purpose of this thread is to collect in one place all the basic information somebody new to this idea might need. That way somebody new can be directed to just this one thread to find the basics. Please continue discussing all issues and questions at

The intent is to keep the needed information easy to find and not buried in thousands of posts.

The two active in the human body forms of b12 are methylcobalamin (methylb12, mb12, mecob, mecbl, etc) and adenosylcobalamin (adenosylb12, adb12, adob12, cobalamide, etc). There are many international variations in spelling and the form of the names of these substance. They are tremendously more active and effective than the two more usual forms used in most vitamins and therapies, cyanocobalamin (cyanob12, cb12, cyanideb12, etc) and hydroxycobalamin (hydroxyb12, hb12, hyb12, etc). A third inactive form of b12 is beginning to gain some notariety, glutationylcobalamin (glutathionylb12, gb12, etc). It suffers from the same problems as the other inactive forms of b12. These specific 3 inactive cobalamins can be converted to one or both active forms in very limited quantity by MOST but not all, people.

The other vitamin that we also comes in active and inactive forms is folate. Folic acid is the most common synthetic form of the vitamin. About half the people can't convert it to methylfolate, the active form in the body, in an adequate amount. The other half can barely convert an amount that is considered sufficient. Methylfolate is also known by thew brand name Metafolin. This active form can make a very large difference in effectiveness for many people.

There are a set of relatively subtle deficiency diseases that are common in our society caused by taking the artificial forms of these actiove vitamins. The artificial forms only prevent some problems and symptoms in some people. Because they are thought of as effective, the deficiency diseases that remain are invisible. They can't be seen because of the widespread usage of the synthetic forms obscurring what the lack of the active forms causes because "that problem is already taken care of therefore it must be something else". These many deficiency diseases can exist in persons already taking the synthetic inactive forms of the vitamins. The tests are designed and interpreted with the assumptions of the synthetic versions and do not adequately detect many of the deficiencies. The details of all this will be pointed out in the various specific posts

As the size of each post is limited, there willl be a series of posts covering various aspects of these substances, some very basic, some more advanced. As they will be posted by me and a variety of others as we have the opportunity, they are in no specific order. With a little luck, each post will carry a title, version and date as this page does. Updated versions may supercede earlier versions. For instance I am going to start off with a symptoms list. A month or two from now I may post that list again with just a few minor changes, and so on. So this topic should also be read from the end reading only the most recent version of each posting. I hope this helps. Good luck and good health to everybody.

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