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So Much Suffering, Yet Just Pushed Aside

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  • Posted By: JSant14
  • January 13, 2009
  • 05:32 PM

I'm Jess, and this is my story
In my adolescence I was beyond active. By middle school I was playing volleyball, basketball, and softball during their season at school, along with soccer year around and 7 different kinds of dance. I remember one day a week i would go from an hour of volleyball to 2 hours of dance to an hour of soccer practice. it was a lot. and stressfull, but not enough to really affect me. i just did it and loved it all. even maintained good grades, graduated with honors and got a scholarship to my high school.

I believe it must of been too much because by the end of 8th grade, i began having reaccuring head aches, sensitivity to light, and depression. Soon i started feeling weak and constantly tired, even when i wasn't doing any physical activity. Due to the fact that my mother had seem 2 students the year before me being diagnosed with lupis.. she got kind of worried since i was having the same symptoms they did.

By my freshman year, I was finally diagnosed with obsessive cumpulsive disorder, general anxiety disorder, and ADHD. The diagnosis' were long over due...i guess my mother,especially, and i just didnt want to admit it.

During volleyball season my freshman year I started getting sharp pains, aches, & shooting pains in my hands. The pains were usually in my knuckles and joints in my fingers, along with the metacarpals. Each night i struggled to sleep, and never felt rested enough, even if i did get to sleep early. i started experiencing aches and pains in my muscles and joints all over my body. My hands, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles (i even clapsed to the ground a few times walking to class due to sharp pains in my ankles), feet, jaw, shoulders, hips, etc.. I also had issues and still do with getting lightheaded and dizzy randomly throughout the day. usually happens a few times a day. i even blacked out a couple times.
My menstrual cycle went from being heavy and regular, to extremely irregular. while some times it was normal amount of bleeding, it became extremely light. sometimes id go months with just 1 day of bleeding each month... i mean i didnt want to complain hah.. but i knew something wasn't right.
I started experiencing extreme muscle spasms, mostly in my middle and lower back. I struggled in school since i had to miss so much. i couldnt even move out of bed some mornings. and around my period... the pain felt like ***l. My muscles felt weak and i experienced constant fatigue. I even started falling asleep during classes all throughout the day..which is not like me at all. i used to be so full of energy. I have problems with feeling extremely stiff, especially in the morning. cold weather also makes things worse.

After seeing my pediatrician a bunch of times, and ruling out lupis and other things, i was then diagnosed with juvenial rheumatoid athritis and fibromyalgia.

I then saw a Rheumatologist, was in physical therapy, and was medicated. I saw no results. The pills i was given to help me sleep just made it ten times more difficult to wake up in the morning. after 2 and half years of being medcated and diagnosed with this, i saw a new rheumatoid doctor, and when he saw my latest blood tests, he decided that i didnt have rheumatoid arthritis and was wrongly diagnosed. After that, i still complained to my doctor, begged for answers and wasnt even sent for tests anymore. My pediatrician felt it was psychological and that the depression was causing me physical pain. It was so frsutrating having no one understand what was going on. it felt like my doctor didnt even care about my issues. the hardest thing was trying to explain to teachers and coaches why i was struggling with so much. if it wasnt one problem..it was another. and could see how it would seem like i didnt want to try or be there..but i have always been dedicated to everything i do. and i have cried to many times because i am unable to play to the best of my ability and do the things i used to.

It is all so much to deal with. ll i want is answers. The pain and suffering is enough of a struggle, not knowing what it is is even more frustrating. i know there is an underlying issue or condition or disorder...i just want help finding out what it is....

I have done my own research thinking it may be an issue with my circulatory systom or possibly my adrenal glands, but even when i try bringing that up to a doctor they snub me off like im a hypocondriac.

:( I NEED HELP... i'm 18 years old now, and i want to be able to have an answer behind my issues so i dont seem lazy or crazy to my college teachers.

if anyone can help...id reaaaalllyyy appreciate it

-Jess Santana

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