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Schizophrenia and my father

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  • Posted By: jamesmcpherson
  • January 10, 2010
  • 04:05 AM


It all started last September when I was at home with my father and mother. I returned from traveling Europe and thought I could stay at my parents house with no problem. Several weeks into the stay, my father became agitated with me around the table and by the television. He would start suggesting I had a chemical imbalance in my head, I was sick, or my hand or feet movements looked like a mental condition. Another week went by and an argument ensued with my mother and me. It wasn't more than raised voices but to him it sounded like a war. He called the crises center behind my back and in my room I was fronted by six police officers and a crises team. They asked me the superficial questions with minimal care and I answered in seriousness that I was fine and that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. The head crises woman didn't even look at my face, but just looked away and ignored the facts I was recalling. I told the police nothing was wrong and they should stop this, but they wouldn't intercept.

The hospital accepted me by ambulence and they escorted me to the holding cells where I was told I would be put for 24 hours. Three days of observations, doctors knocking on the windows, and laughing from nurses about my closure in the cell, and a psychiatrist came in to evaluate me. A half hour of talking and he decided things were okay and I could be discharged. Then, bamb, my dad came into the room like a truck with no brakes, and asked to speak to the doctor about committing me. My Dad framed me by telling the doctor about chemical imbalances, drugs, things I was doing at home like threatening my mother and making weird movements. he started telling a story about my lack of employment and then turning jokes I said to him into statements that I was crazy. The doctor changed his mind and sent me to a facility.
I was there for two months. Doctors ignored me, nurses wrote down things that I wasn't doing, the R/A reported me for talking back to him when he asked me the bloody questions. My dad sent a letter to the hospital with more lies about my health. He told the doctors I was a threat to his life and health. And here I was, shocked and astounded that the doctor believed him. Not even a debate or questioning about the letter. Was this a conspiracy altogether? Finally, my stay at the hospital was over and I was discharged with paranoid schizophrenia. This is a severe illness.
And now I don't know what to do about the diagnosis, the legal papers in the court room and in my medical file, and the excessive bill the hospital left me. Is there a way to prove to the courts that this was all made up, that my father lied about the facts and I am healthy and fine mentally to live in society?

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