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panic disorder?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 9, 2010
  • 05:58 PM

I try to ride out my symptoms but after months of doing very little living Im more normal again. Lets see Ill try to list everything I can to see if anyone else goes through this. When i was 15 a friend who was 19 died in a car crash which made me realize hey we do die everyone I looked at for months was in a casket! I heard voices & saw people around that age but cant remember if it was before or after that incident. After awhile I was me again I loved life was willing to try anything very outgoing & fun loving. Then when I was 20 I tried pot my mom said it was like i was high,drunk & on acid i believe maybe i was allergic to it because I started seeing crazy things people in the room, cats coming out of the walls & snakes on the ceiling ,Id clean one spot on the floor for hours(wood floor). I couldnt concentrate if you ask me a question id forget the start of the question before you reached the end, it was weird. One night my back was killing me due to my job so I took a loratab 5 about an hour after smoking not to long after taking the pain pill I started having an allergic reaction to the pill i suppose I felt like I was having a heartattack forgot how to breath couldnt yell for help or walk no one could talk to me because i couldnt respond, my mom put me in the bath tub clothes & all she was scared I was dying so was I, i was in there for most of the night but it felt like a few seconds eventually i was a little better so she put me in bed the next day I woke up & could barely walk or talk which lasted for 2 days then went away. Also during that year a friend had me try adivan or xanax with drinking which I did often which put me in alot of bad situations with guys. Finally one day I realized the life of partying I was living was very dangerous & all of that was during one year. I started having panic attacks that would come out of no where & eventually subside but it had grew to 2 times a day everyday. after months it went away & i was normal again. I became pregnant at 22 & had them all through pregnancy couldnt drive or leave the house I was terrified of what would happen if I did. when he was 6 months old I was feeling good about myself again & was normal yet again. But became pregnant with my second child when my first was 5 months I was fine my whole pregnancy until he was 3 weeks old then boom panic attacks yet again I cant drive I cant go in stores Im terrified of everything, I barely can go out side, sometimes I even scared to go to the next room or even stand up. Its getting way worse over time I was riding with my mom & thought the cars on the other side of the highway were going to hit us & we had just left walmart so i was already nervous. but i started freaking out as if i were going insane i couldnt control my body,i dumped a can of sprite on my face because i was hot & this was in january lol it just scares me so bad i want to be normal again i have 2 young babies who i need to give a good life not a crazy mom. Although it sounds like im a crzy partier it was only the one year of it before & after i never partied except drinking every once in awhile. But i listed those items in case maybe it changed my brain somehow or caused something. I need help i know but medicine scares me im afraid of it causing some other problem.

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