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Misdiagnoised Viral Mengitis And Herpes Simplex Enephalitis

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  • Posted By: Cheri Morey
  • November 11, 2008
  • 11:46 PM

My Daughter was 21 years old and on Nov. 17, 2006 She was taken to Good Sam hospital er by ambulance. She was having a seziure which she had never had before, Her symtoms also included Fever Vomitting, Confusion, Lower level of consioussness and numbness in arms and legs The Er doctor did blood work a x-ray and CT scan.He told us that he was sure it was not meningitis because he had been doing it for 25 years. So he said there was no reason to do a lumbar puncture or keep her for further observation, Diagnoised her with seziure disorder told us to follow up with a nerologist within a few months for a eeg and released her.The next day I took her to the nearest clinic as she was still very sick. The Dr. there reviewed her hospital chart did blood work and said her white count was still high. He said that he was sure it was not meningitis but just a flu and nothing to worry about. Gave her a shot for her headache and vomitting and released her. That night my daughter was taken to another Er by ambulance. They performed a lumbar puncture which was possitive for Viral Meningitis and Herpes Simplex Enchalphits. My daughter responded at first but on the 22 she went into cardiac arrest and life support was withdrawn the next day. How sad that we intrust these doctors to provide proper medical care and to do everything possible for recovery and when they do not we are left with devistating results. After educating myself on this disease I found out that a patient with her syntoms should of had a lumbar puncture to rule out the possibility of meningitis espically in a patient of her age who is vulnerable for this disease. I thought that is why we go to Er rooms as these doctors are supposed to be educated on doing proper testing to make the right diagnoises. I made a complaint with the Dept. Of health that concluded unless I could provide more evidence on the er doctor no actions were taken. I appealed but was denied. They found that the clinic doctor DID NOT provide my daughter proper care but because he agreed to the stipulations he has to pay a 1000 fine to the state take a education class and write a assay on what he learned by this. My daughter died because of their negligence and nothing happens to the er doctor and the clinic dr only has to write a assay. I also contacted Good Sam Hospital and they told me that he is a independant employer so they really could not do anything but to better educate their doctors on this disease, They should of been educated to begin with and I am not sure why this hospital would still want this doctor to remain practicing at their Er room as they are endangering other patients with his practice, Something is terribly wrong with the way these doctors are investigated and until it changes and they are held more accountable for their actions we are all at risk. These doctors still hold a license to practice medicine in this case I feel they gave them a license to KILL. My daughter deserved to have a medical doctor who could provide her proper care as in the disease she had requires promt medication for chance of recovery and these doctors denied her that and a right to LIVE HER NAME IS JESSECA MOREY I hope her story can save someone eleses life

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