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HELP! Too many symptoms at age 18

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  • Posted By: Birdyluv18
  • March 13, 2010
  • 02:50 PM

My symptoms have been going on since i was little, they started at only a couple symptoms and now i have a ton :eek:, I started with leg pains, head and ear pain, stomach pains and constipation, burning while i urinated, shortness of breath and always getting colds, this was around age 1 to age 7, Then i started Growing breasts, hair and such, I started getting more symptoms these are the symptoms i have now, Unable to hold fluids, extreme fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, paleness, legs and arms turn purple/blue with white spots, hands and feet stay freezing cold and clammy, shortness of breath, severe tachycardia, arrhythmias, arthritis, sensitive to light and sounds, Parts of body Burn or feel real cold and feel numb to touch, skin sensitivity, Pricking sensations,(Spasms are worse in left arm) Muscle spasms in arms, neck, back, and legs, Usually happens when heart is palpitating or speeding while laying down, muscle aches, knees crack and hurt, restless legs and arms, muscle spasms, bone pain, sharp chest pains, migraines, clotted and hard periods with extreme fatigue , tingling, burning (Radiculitis), Hot flashes and sweating, diarrhea and constipation switches day to day, sick after eating more than a half cup of food, loss of vision and hearing when standing up or moving quickly then falling sometimes with a rush of cold sensations in my neck, arms and back, allergies to latex, IVP Dye, cannot tolerate most medications, weakness in knees and elbows, Confusion, Malaise, Racing thoughts, clumsiness, slurred speech, Feeling high or feeling as if I am floating, sweating a lot, Overly hyper and irritable (acting as if I’m 2 years old) before I have an attack, Cannot concentrate no matter how hard I try, even though looking and listening to someone it’s as if I had had ear plugs in, Many times bumping into things, people and unable to drive or work with machines, Poor memory, Learning is very difficult, Everything I see has an ora like glow around it, Vision is like looking through a fuzzy TV screen, Leg aches (bone pain), chronic ear pressure and pain, dizziness, Odd Cravings for salt and sugar, Bloating, Weight gain and weight loss, unable to speak well sometimes, Extreme thirst, extreme hunger or no appetite at all, unable to stand long, cannot run, cannot walk far, jaw pain, eye pain, Flushing, Extreme weight gain without eating too much, Or extreme weight loss, stiffness in hands, Heart burn, face and neck go numb and tingle, Blood pressure is low when I stand up but heart rate speeds, heart speeds up to 160bpm while I sleep or while lying down, Throwing up or feeling nauseous every morning, Hallucinations, Rashes that I have been having since I was little (looked like hundreds of little bubbles under skin with extreme dryness and itching) blotchy dark pigmentation around mouth and on parts of arms and stomach when out in the sun, Face doesn’t tan, Legs turn bright red as well as my hands when I am in warm temperatures. At age 10 I had Capital Femoral Epiphysis and had a pin placed and then removed at age 15, I had a benign Tumor removed above right eye at age 12 as well as my Sinuses, a Polyp, Adenoids, Tonsils and scab build up removed on both eardrums, After sinuses were removed I had two Polyps grow again. Disc Degenerative Disease diagnosed at age 14 as well as Mild brain Damage, Gallbladder removed due to Gallstones at age 14, Was treated for Lyme disease from age 14 to age 16 Had left hip reconstructed at age 16 and Found access bone growth on my right Hip as well and the Doctor suggested it be reconstructed as well, I had My wisdom teeth removed in September of 2008, Endometriosis was removed and had a year of Lupron treatment at age 17 to age 18 but still have the effects. Tests showed I have Hypothyroidism In Dec 2009 age 18 but I have Hyperthyroidism symptoms as well as hypo, Heart specialist diagnosed me with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia In January 2010, Had recordings of tachycardia, and arrhythmias in ER during February 2010. I have been on Zoloft, Orthotricylin low,Yaz, Lupron, Depo-Provera shot, Yaz, Fentanyl patch 25mg to 50 mg, Lyrica, Neorontin, Celebrex, lorazepam, metoprolol, atenolol,propranolol levothyroxine 50 mg, Valium, Ativan, Hydrocodone, Ambien, and treated for three years for lyme disease in which i never had by so so much antibiotics ,Ketek, cefuroxime (ceftin), Clarithromycin. I have been to so many doctors i hav been to every specialists, multiple specialists of the same specialty and more, they all tell me its not believable that an 18 year old girl has all this, They say that none of this worries them because i'm young, They have done tons of Ecg's, Ekg's, Mri of brain and spine finding damage on both, They have done blood testing finding hypothyroidism but thats fine now, They put me on two different beta blockers for my heart without finding a cause, They saw that my white blood cell count was elevated but everything else they tested was normal. Anyone have any idea's:confused:? I'm helpless right now. My primary care physician says it sounds like lupus or autoimmune but idk i want to see if anyone like me was diagnosed and helped.

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