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Galactocele (postpartum breast issue)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 15, 2008
  • 04:14 AM

Anyone had experience with galactocele from postpartum? A month after I had my baby, my breast was infected with mastistis. The mastistis became a galactocele and an on-going problem. I stopped nursing after the 2nd month but the galactocele continued to occurr. I have had 8 procedure/surgery to aspirate it. The last aspiration turned into a staph infection. I am still receiving treatments. If there is anyone out there who has had the same problem, I would love to know how it was cured and what the process was.


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  • OMG! My baby is 7 weeks old and I have had this hard lump on my right breast for 3 weeks. I had it aspirated yesterday and it is still there. Did yours ever hurt or was it tender to touch? What else did your doctor do? Has it resolved yet.Curious!
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  • i'm a new mom as well and my baby is 10 weeks old. I discovered my lump about 3 weeks ago and have tried everything - soaking my breast in warm water, massaging it, feeding the affected breast first, pointing my baby's chin towards the lump, pointing my baby's nose towards the lump, emptying the breast by pumping after feeding, warm compress (wet and dry). I talked to a couple of OBs as well as a surgeon. The first OB says there is nothing i can do unless it turns into mastitis and that all i can do is continue to breastfeed and change position holds (from cradle to football, etc.) The second OB says I should get it aspirated - and warned me that it may take a few tries to get it all out. After talking to the 2nd OB, the surgeon consulted me that he doesn't recommend the surgery unless it really bothers me. The pain is tolerable when it occurs...kind of feels like a big zing out of nowhere and the lump is tender to the touch...so anyway I opted out on the surgery. From my research on the net, aspirating is painful and can result in a staph infection. Apparently there is another method by nylon probing (Thai people are doing this) and its not painful and more effective. However, I doubt doctors here in America practice nylon probing. Anyway its worth asking your doctor. --I'm interested in the kind of pain you are feeling from your galactocele and if you did have yours aspirated, what your results are.
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    • November 13, 2008
    • 10:10 PM
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  • 3 weeks into breast feeding I suffered mastitis, I just put up with it as I didn't want to take antibiotics because I had heard that its not good for baby. 3 weeks after the Mastitis had past My daughter started fussing on one side and I noticed that my breast was really firm - I saw my lactation nurse and she gave me a hospital grade breast pump and told me to express from this side as my supply might be low. When I did this for the first time about 3 ml was coming out, but the other side was normal. So I kept expressing on the bad side and feeding my daughter on the good side. after one week of expressing my breast was so hard and became really really sore. I went to the hospital and was admitted. Every one was telling me to do something different, don't express on that side and some were saying keep expressing so frustrating ! I found that the more I expressed the fuller my breast became.After 5 days on antibiotics via RV and a ultra sound on the breast they found that I had a galactocele that was 10cm I had to have it drained and they ended up draining 148ml from the duct! i was discharged only to return to the hospital five days later to have the breast drained again, ouch! I tyred to just feed on the one side and comp my baby so she would at least get a bit of breast milk but found that it just kept on refilling. Now a month after not feeding I still have a hard breast and now have this really painful lump under the breast and what feels like a hard tender vain that runs down about 5 cm under my breast... weird going to get that checked tomorrow
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  • This past week, I got my 5 cm lump aspirated and sure enough there was milk and some green/brown liquid. The results from the lab indicated heavy growth of staph aureus, a common bacteria on the skin. BFing probably pushed the bacteria into the breakage of skin when I first attempted BFing. Anyway, the same day of the aspiration, it filled back up. I will have to get it aspirated if it bothers me. I am taking antibiotics right now, but doubt that will clear it up definitively. Will need to surgically remove it when I stop BFing. However, after reading a post on this thread, is that even effective? Does this ever go away with any treatment?
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    • January 7, 2011
    • 10:18 PM
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