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Doctor's False Cancer Diagnosis

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  • Posted By: DebbieD
  • June 9, 2008
  • 07:43 PM

I had uturine fibroids a non cancerous well known growth which never and does not denote cancer what so ever! I have read that many many women have them. Sometimes they surround areas of the uturus or are inside the uturus. Sometimes fibroids can cause painful menstruation, lots of extra bleeding during menstruation, lower back pain, headaches, and a bulge in the lower abdomen. Depending on how large and how many uturine fibroids a woman has she may or may not notice.

I was beat up by a boyfreind while pregnant with our child. I landed in Pacifica Hospital in San Fernando Valley, CA. At that time my fibroids were very small. I was lied to by the doctor who told me he was going to try and save the babie's life by doing a surgery. I found out later the surgery was a DNC (not a baby's life saving technique or surgery). From this knowledge I concluded that the child already had died inside me from the severe beating I underwent. The doctor sent me to the Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles Downtown area, CA.

From there I met with a DR. Hernandez a cancer specialist in this expensive looking and elite type hospital. The strange thing was that there were barely any patients in this expensive and luxurious looking hospital. I had a set of MRI's I brought with me as well which caused my insurance 3,000 dollars.

After ten minutes Dr. Hernandez told me I had cancer and that he would do a hystorectomy. I shrugged his diagnosis off not believing anything he said, upset and left. I called back to obtain my MRIs and strangely they said they did not have them. They just dissappeared into thin air. (Satire joke here). Being unargumentive and mostly sweet and naive at that point in my life I also shrugged it off that the doctor hid my MRI's or rid of them somehow illegally.

I decided after a little research to go to UCLA in Westwood to address my issue knowing deeply and intuitively that what I did have was fibroids and not cancer. Although I waited quite awhile to take action the fibroids did in fact grow and I sufferred severe bleeding during menstruation and terrible pain which I needed to go to a local doctor for. I was on pain meds to relieve the suffering.

I found out that UCLA was now performing a surgery called a Uturine Embolization and that was after I visited UCLA's OB/GYN clinic to also give me a diagnosis on what these tumor or growths were. A good number of doctors went through the process of examining me and studying my situation and all concluded that I had fibroid tumors as well. Fibroid tumors grow from a blood supply.

I trusted this diagnosis fully and had no ill feelings or qualms about UCLA's judgement at that time. I fully trusted them on this issue and at this time so I went this course.

I made some calls and found out UCLA would accept me as a patient for Uturine Embolization which was still in its new experimental stages. I wasn't too hyped on the procedure because their online statements suggested that UE (uturine embolization) would possibly only shrink the fibroid tumors to 80%. Another aspect to UCLA's honesty was the fact was that they weren't also going to make false promises! I respect this as well. So I scheduled an embolization and the procedure went very well. Many doctors hovered over me while I was awake. The incision was extremely small and no scar is left in the inside of my thigh. What they do is insert PVA particles to block the uturine artery that feeds the fibroid tumors. The surgery worked miraculously. I spent one night in hospital and did suffer pain especially from catheter.

Over a bit of time I noticed the pain from menstruation went away and I didn't need pain meds any longer. The overbearing bleeding during menstruation reduced dramatically and although I previously sometimes had to wear 3 kotexes and two tampons together and sometimes go to the powder room every half and hour or so was now down to one tampon and a light kotex just in case for protection. I never wear more than two tampons now!

Just to think I saved my baby making god given body mechanisms. Just to think that some specialist in an expensive ritzy cancer hospital wanted to just cut out what makes me a woman and my joy just because he calls himself a specialist. What a bunch of bull S--. I never had CANCER!!! How dare he do this! How many women has he cut apart and how many uturuses has he removed based on those false premises?

Later I went to see another specialist after my uturine embolization to see if I could do another one. (To shrink the last 20%). After thorough examination he told me (this is an honest doctor!) that he can't do it! (He won't need to make another roll of money off of me). He told me that UCLA did the Uturine Embolization perfectly. Every inch of it was so well done that he could not perform it again. He also told me that over time the fibroids would come out. (it's a bit like afterbirth).

I forgot to also mention that I went to see anther woman's specialist at Cedar's Saini Hospital in Beverly Hills area and he didn't give me options about my fibroid tumors but to cut up and down that is (not the now typical small bikini incision) but up and down across the abdomen from belly button to lower abdomen which is more invasive, leaves a worse scar, and more costly I suppose. He didn't tell me about the bikini cut line type of surgery to remove fibroids or about Uterine Embolization. In fact I have reason to believe he had no knowledge of it.

Now I hear Uturine Embolization is done in various hospitals but I feel women need to be made aware of their options before jumping into frightening, costly, and dangerous invasive surgeries!

I as of yet still have to go and get tested to see how far progressed the fibroids have shrunk. All I know is I don't have any more pain, no hard buldge out of my abdomen, and no more unusual bleeding! It's as if they were 99% shrunk and have passed out of my system.

I should have taken action on Dr. Hernandez and warned the medical board. I tried to later but couldn't seem to find him in the system. Where did my original MRI's go? I still as of yet to find those or if he did hide or throw them into the trash (they weren't his to begin with) well they were mine and that was theft.

I hope women become aware of the various causes of their suffering and the options they have to address women's health issues instead of being slammed down or beat down by a backwards, unlearned, old school doctor overzealous in collecting uturuses for his wall of glory.

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