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Chronic RUQ pain kidney stones Finally diagnosed

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  • Posted By: Brooklea
  • April 6, 2010
  • 01:07 PM

Well first off let me share a little history with you. I am a 25 year old female that has been living in chronic pain right under my ribs on the right side that doctors seem to be stumpped by therefore delaying a diagnosis and leading to 5 un needed surgeries. the pain started 5 years ago after i had my daughter. I went to see my gyno and he decided to do an exploritory lap on me and when he got inside he took out my appendix because it "looked sick" he found a number of adhesions and cut them. well the pain continued to get worse so he sent me to a general surgeon and they took out my gallbladder and again more adhesions (scar tissue) well three more surgeries to remove more adhesions and MANY ER visits later they never found anything they could see that was wrong with me and could justify my pain so therefore i went through bouts of depression along with being angry with the medical professionals (and i use that term loosly) I would go periods of days without pain and them in would return just as quick as it left. well on 4-3-10 i took yet another trip to the ER (knowing they wouldnt find anything but i was in so much pain i could not stand it) I was running a low grade fever and feeling very weak. So when i got there they gave me pain meds and sent me for a CAT scan. The doctor seemed like he cared (more than others i have dealt with) but when my CT scan came back "normal" he said there was nothing he could do and he just acted like a total ***k to me. Said my potassium was very low and gave me three horse pills and told me to go home and see a Gastro doctor... Ok well here is the very interesting part.... I callled my GI doc to set up my appt and the triage nurse says to me "Why are you coming to see a gastro doctor it shows on your CT scan you have a fairly large Kidney Stone" You can imabgine my shock when i heard those words How could the doctors have missed this and could this be my problem all along ? I do drink ALOT of coke and coffee and I do not follow a healthy diet.. Let me mention im 90 lbs and 5'5 tall. doctors look at me like im annorexic and dont take me seriously... i have dealt with doctors looking at me lilke im crazy long enough I just want to know how I could have been told "oh nothings wrong with you" and then my CT scan says I have kidney stones ????

I just wanted to share my story with everyone because I have browsed this website for many years and searched the internet up and down thrying to find out the source of my pain. I hope this helps someone out there... And when your in pain dont ever give up your body does not hurt for no reason. Keep pushing the doctors to find out whats wrong !!!! I might be able to live a normal life now that they know what it is... I see a uroligist friday so I will post what they say and the treatment for it !


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