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Butt infection and skin discoloration

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  • Posted By: quickguide90012
  • May 13, 2009
  • 01:10 AM

Hey again. I just want to rant right now so if you dont want to listen it is fine. I'm male Asian 22-23 years .

A few years ago i noticed my butt cheeks turned black. It is not my whole butt though but a very good portion. I am Asian so our skin tends to be yellowish. I noticed this maybe 2 years ago? I never did anything because i hoped it would go away. I didn't want to go to a doctor because I was scared and embarrassed which i regretted so much now.

In April of 2009 i went to a doctor who i went there mainly because i had some other problems. Then i asked the doctor to see my butt because it was dark. He immediately said it was a boil and gave me some cream for 1 week and use those gauze pads. He said if nothing worked.. which didn't I would go to a surgeon he referred me to.

One week later i went to the surgeon and the moment he saw my butt, he was extremely upset that i did not go to see a doctor sooner. He said it was a pilonidal cyst and immediately did an office procedure which i later found it was called drainage. I had to soak my butt in the bathtub for 1 week. I had to also stick the gauze pads 2 times a day for 1 week. I recalled when i got home after the drainage, i had a lot of blood but after that day, it was less and less. When i went back to him a few days later, he looked at my butt and said it looks like it is healing well and said to NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN.http://www.pilonidal.org/forums/images/smilies/eek.gif I asked him what about the color of my butt and he said to not worry about it. Well the thing is my butt has turned black and purpish. Some people here think it is hyperpigmentation which most likely occurred because of the pilonidal cyst.

I then went to a skin doctor and when he saw me in April 18 i think, he said the area is definitely inflamed and suggested me doing surgery. I told him i just had my Pilonidal cyst drained a week ago by a surgeon and he knows the surgeon as well and he said then there is nothing he can do but to wait 4 weeks to see him again. I went to him for a 2nd opinion even though he was skin doctor and not surgeon. Reason i went to him was because he's a skin doctor and i wanted to know what i can use on my butt to change the color of my butt from black back to my normal color. And when i say the skin color turned from yellow to black i am not kidding. It looks black which most likely is hyperpigmentation. It still looks flared up but the thing is my pilonidal cyst doesn't look like it has any problems. To those ppl who complain about the pain, I don't think i felt much pain really. I went to doctor b/c of the butt color change and didnt even know there was a cyst.

Today I went to my skin doctor and woke up real early because this doctor has a lot of patients and dont have appointments. Everything is walk in so you need to be on line etc. Well when i got there today doctor wasn't there so i have to wait till Wednesday to see him. I also have to schedule an appointment to see the surgeon again because i want to talk to him about what the skin specialist says.

I mean i look in the mirror at my butt cheeks now and it looks black and inflamed so it would definitely be embarrasing as well. I wanted to know as quick as possible what i can do like using some hydroquinone cream or whatever to change the color back to normal. Its like I want to live like there is no tomorrow but this pilonidal cyst and butt discoloration holds me back

I mean if i showed any of you guys a picture of how my butt looks you would be like wow how did it get black since most of you people here who have a pilonidal cyst don't have anything happened to your skin in your butt.

Is there any point of doing surgery since some people here said the pilonidal cyst came back? I already had it drained 1 month ago. The most important thing right now to me is it possible to change the skin color of my butt back to normal? It is black and covers a good amount of area as well.

Here are some pictures of my butt and the pilonidal cyst and the butt discoloration that turned black. I understand if you dont want to see it because it would look horrible.

Warning these are pictures of my butt to show what happened to it.



Im going to skin doctor this wednesday again and my surgeon hopefully later this week or next week.

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