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Brain tumor NOT Bipolar disorder!!!

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  • Posted By: Krystal D
  • September 24, 2009
  • 06:01 PM


While my experience was not exactly the same as the story of Saving Sammy, it is along the same lines. I have a litany of medical issues including an autoimmune disease destroying my thyroid, irregularities with hormones that have still not been FULLY diagnosed or thoroughly understood and the most shocking to me and my husband a tumor in my brain on my pituitary gland. All treatable conditions if properly diagnosed.

8 years ago I was DUMPED INTO THE "MENTAL HEALTH" SYSTEM AND THIS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE THING THAT CAN BE DONE TO A SICK PERSON. Without having any blood tests ran whatsoever that would have shown at the very least the autoimmune disease or thyroid abnormalities and possibly the existence of this tumor I was given the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I was told to answer the questionnaire considering any and all situations that had ever happened in my life and not what I was like at the age of 25. So when asked questions like have you ever done anything impulsive I honestly wrote yes because as a teenager, and as most teenagers, I had done impulsive things. I explained this to my doctor but as he seemed to have a vested interest in me being bipolar since he was working for the very drug company whose drug he then prescribed he told me it was all indicative of bipolar disorder.

What I am actually dealing with is multi-systemic and still not fully understood but once I was given that diagnosis of bipolar disorder no doctor asked any further questions. I was doped up to the point that I could not function for almost eight years before I finally got a doctor who was able to think outside the box and listen to what I had been saying for years that I was NOT bipolar though always med compliant and realized that the things that were giving me the symptoms of this disease were the medications and to add insult to injury the medications either made the real disease that already existed worse or created new problems that did not exist previously. WHAT I REALLY WANT PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND IS THAT ONCE YOU ARE DUMPED INTO THAT "MENTAL HEALTH" SYSTEM NO ONE ASKS IF THAT INITIAL DIAGNOSIS WAS PROPER, ACCURATE NOR WILL THEY LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE BEING THE ROOT CAUSE. This is an abuse that happens far too often and the stigma that exists for mental health patients is still extreme. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT IS ROBBING PEOPLE OF THEIR LIVES.

The fact that my doctor failed to run a simple $20 blood test that would have at the very least shown the thyroid disease cost me 8 years of my life after which I have only within the last couple of months been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease and the tumor and I am still not well. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! PSYCHIATRISTS SHOULD BE OBLIGATED TO EVALUATE AND ELIMINATE PHYSIOLOGICAL CAUSES THAT ARE KNOWN AND OBVIOUS FOR DISEASES SUCH AS DEPRESSION, OCD, ADD/ADHD BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO LABEL SOMEONE WITH A LABEL THAT WILL FOLLOW THEM THE REST OF THEIR LIVES AND UNFAIRLY AND INACCURATELY INFLUENCE OTHER DOCTORS IN A WAY THAT RESULTS IN THE PATIENT RECEIVING SUBSTANDARD IF ANY CARE OR FURTHER INVESTIGATION!

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