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A terminal misdiagnonisis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 12, 2007
  • 05:29 PM

My uncle did quite a few things in his life that caused harm to his body. The end result was constant hiccupping. The problem continue. He drank a lot so that assumed it was internal. They cut him open for surgery to discover the problem. With all he done in his past they could not figure out why he was hiccupping. He died at home. Since they could not discover what the problem was they sent him home. Years after this incident my mother and my aunt, both his sisters started experiencing the same thing. The problem was gastric reflux disease. All the medical facilities in the state of Wisconsin and one could not discover that is all he had before he died. He died and had not reached the age of 50. Then my grandfather also died from pretty much the same thing. They being the doctors could not fix the problem. They say it was cancer from his job. He worked in a Coal mine in Chicago. While I would say of course this is true and I am really understanding but then I then of his brother, My uncle Johnny. Both had the same occupation but my uncle was a little younger than my grandfather. You wonder why my uncle is alive and kicking today. Barely any health problems at all. The most they could find wrong with him is his leg hurt. I think that is mostly because he wanted us to continue visiting him. Something in not right here when it comes to doctors and there diagnosis.
Then of course the last incident. I usually use the nurse line myself to get all my questions answered. They are informative. I had a really bad period since I was 11 when I was started. I call it excessive bleeding. When I was 25/26 There was constant bleeding. I go to the doctor the only thing they could prescribe for me is birth control pills. I was told by a medical physician at a clinic I had to have a hysterectomy because I had fibroids. Nothing about removal the fibroids. She told a person who never really had sex and no children they had to remove her female organs. Since then I found that to be incorrect. I had a friend who had to have that done to her. Her name was Mia. But for me I am still working properly. By two outside doctors beside the initial one. Then of course I went to the doctor for stomach problems. I soon found out by watching a commercial it was only constipation. The doctor could not tell me exactly what was wrong. Stick a small stick up my behind and found nothing. The sympton only occur when I am coming on my period. Obviously my period has caused more problems than it should but because of the problem I had more pain than I can handle every month. The doctors should have discovered the problem when I came to them. I also get depressed at times during this time. Myself personally believe if a person lose all that blood over and over again. They have a reason to be depressed but I was told is was a mental problem. Bipolar or Schzephrenic. Well with reading WebMD I found it is called PMDD. Premenstrual Dysfunctional Syndrome or something to that nature. The same side effects you have on a monthly basis you have when you are bipolar. But the symptons go away until the next month after a few days of being on your period. This is a severe case of PMS. Something the doctors never diagnosed as well. I myself would never trust a doctor again. Nor will I go to one unless its a must and I nor the nurse helpe line can not figure out together what is wrong.

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