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prem. ejac. plus more problems........ :(

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  • Posted By: BETTERMIND
  • December 24, 2007
  • 08:31 AM

I am 23. I am unmarried and haven't had sex (which is common in my culture). However, I have been masturbating regularly since I was 14 or 15.
My problem....I can summarize in 3 points (i hope they are all related and some treatment will get rid of all 3 problems)
1, When not erect, my penis is very small (it is shortened so much so that there are several visible "folds" on the skin -- only when non-erect), very dark in color and I can see small veins/arteries on the surface
In summary, I can very much see that the blood supply to my penis is very less, when non-erect.
2, When I am in the toilet (when there is a bowel movement), my penis drips throughout the process. I have to keep on wiping the tip of my penis with a tissue. The liquid is not pure urine for sure. At the end, when I look in to the toilet, I can see that it is a sticky substance (sticks to the toilet). Looks like a mixture of semen and urine, to me. Even if this dripping is not connected to any sexual problem, it still is a tedious process wiping my penis every 10 seconds(This slight dripping also occurs when I get erect and not masturbate; after the erection dies down and penis becomes smaller, it drips. But a whole lot more fluid is lost while I am in toilet).
After having a bowel movement, I cannot/don't feel like doing masturbation. It is as if, the lost fluid has taken away all my energy/semen with it. Though the penis doesn't really hurt, I do feel a little weird sensation/burn after losing fluid (in toilet).
3, I kept this one for last. But this, to me is probably the biggest of all problems. Regardless of any of the above, at all times........I have an average ejaculation time of 15 seconds.
Say, I am stimulated and get erect (maybe having touched the penis a few times); then I go to the washroom and masturbate.......it ejaculates in 15 seconds or so. Well, if I count the time from the point where my penis is non-erect, it might take about 40 or 45 seconds to ejaculate.
I think the premature ejaculation problem I have has been acquired gradually over the years. I probably had longer ejaculation times when I was 15 or 16..I think, it began decreasing over the time.
I am healthy in all other respects.
I did go to the urologist regarding this. He seemed to think that nothing was serious. He had me take a blood test. He told me that there was some imbalance with my thyroid levels. I am supposed to have another test in a month. Also, an UltraScan proved that everything was okay with my penis, physically.
Following his advice, I did try CIALIS tablets for a couple of weeks. It helped me get erect even better (even when I really didn't want to); but it did NOT help with any of the above 3 problems.
I don't think (and I hope) that I don't have STD. I haven't had sex at all. Isn't it impossible that I can have STD?

I was not satisfied with the urologist. However, I will see how it goes.
But I would like to get some advice from you. Please help.

(please feel free to ask me for any more info)

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