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HELP... testicular worries.

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  • October 17, 2008
  • 06:44 PM

Hi guys. i am a 16 year old virgin from the Uk and let me Explain.

Day 1
Around 5-6 days ago i received a pain behind my right testicle. I felt a minuscule lump like a bead which caused the pain when i pressed it. This is extremely difficult to locate and feel from the outside. I decide to read up on the internet and come across testicular torsion. At this point i am extremely worried.

My parents tell me to wait until day 2 to see A&E.

Day 2
Late on Day 2 i am still having pain in the same area and go to A&E. I have a doctor who didn't speak much English and examined me for about 10 seconds. He gave me co-codemol. (A type of paracetemol). He sais its a minor injury. I didn't really know whether to trust his judgement.

I figure its not tortion as i would be in extreme pain.

Day 3
The co-codemol seems to keep my focus off my testicles and i grind through it. I have difficulty doing school work as i worry about it being serious.

Day 4
Pain pretty much leaves the original spot and im feeling a different pain in my left testicle. A bit like a throb. It also randomly occurs in the right testice.

I book an appointment with my GP.

Day 5
I reason with my mum that maybe my testicles have died in one testicle and spread to the other. (im not sure if its possible). My reasoning for this is that my penis and testicles feel like lead, totally rock solid. Pain still there

Day 6 This morning
I decide to stop co-codemol before i see the doctor later on to see the remaining symptoms.

He does a better examination and sais its not tesicular tortion otherwise i wouldn't be able to walk into the room. He doubts its an infection as i'm not groggy or something. He sais that there looks to be no leakages or twists and that it must have been something minor. I told him that the pain is less and he said to leave it for a while and if it continues to come see him. My fear is that they are dead inside but show nothing on the outside.
It really worries me. I told him that i have no major problems with my penis e.g. burning sensation. But when i got home i decided to see what i'm capable of. My penis and testicles are Very hard but not erect (if you get me). I can also ejaculate fine at the moment.

He told me i shouldn't be taking co-codemol and told me to take regular paracetemol, why?

My key questions are
a) What does this sound like to you
b) Is it safe to leave for a while
c) Could the testicle/s be dead. Any ways of checking at home. Even though i could ejaculate. (good sign?)
d) how long should i leave it before going back to my gp.
e) are testicles usually rock solid?
(it has been freezing cold also, could this make genital area rock sold.
f) I recently used handwash as a lubricant lol and if it entered the penis could this have an effect on the testicles? as a precaution.

I asked the doctor about the slight pain i feel in my pubic region and abdomen, and he just said because its all connected, thats why i'm feeling the pain in other places.

I am not one who gets embarrased and i would pull my pants down to any doctor if they can get rid of this faint pain. I've never had an injury here and it worries me. I attend a lot of sport and want to continue but can't with this thing bugging me. Usually when i read about something that relates to me i sometimes make it happen. e.g. if i read it could be testicular tortion, it gets embedded and i think of pain and losing my testicle all night.

Any help/advice with this would be emmensely appreciated. It would take a lot of stress off my shoulders. :)

p.s. I must also say that this forum is excellent, i have already read up on many articles and wrong diagnosis' are more common than people think. Keep up the good work. Its nice to have such a place to share problems like this.

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