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Erection issues - did my research, now don't know where to start

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  • Posted By: replicon
  • July 27, 2009
  • 02:29 PM

Hi all,

My apologies for YAET (yet another erection thread), but I'd like to have some guidance about some of this stuff. I've done a bunch of research and have found several possible solutions. Just hoping to get some input.

General info about me/symptoms

I generally have no problem getting an initial erection, but maintaining it is where the tough times come in. It seems that I need some form of constant stimulation to not lose it. Like, if I'm making out with someone, fully clothed, it stays up. I used to dry-hump my ex as part of foreplay, and it stayed up the whole time. Something about that stimulation/pressure just kept it up. But when the clothes come off, I start to lose the erection just about immediately.

Looking back, I masturbate on average once a day, maybe twice sometimes. Even then, it sometimes goes soft, but comes back quickly when I see something very directed to a fetish of mine (which I won't get into - suffice it to say I want to be able to have normal sex first). This yields to maybe the possibility that I've seen so much of what specifically turns me on the most that I've grown a bit numb to the other, normal stuff.

So anyway, I've decided to nip this in the bud and figure it out. Did some research, and here are the possible solutions I've come up with.

Possible solutions I've found

* Supplements (e.g. HGW, L-Arginine)
* Big time cut down on masturbation
* Cockrings
* Switch to boxers?
* Meditation? (I find I'm easily distracted, and always have a song stuck in my head or whatever - a clearer, more focused mind might be useful here)
* Exercises (kegels, etc.)

But obviously, I am at a loss for where to start experimenting, etc.

Misc questions

1) Supplements: It seems the supplements are all about increasing the body's nitric oxide stores, which is required for erections. Is nitric oxide only important for first generating the erection, or also for maintaining it longer? If it's the latter, then supplements might be a big win. If the former, then not so much.

2) If nitric oxide deficiency IS the root cause, then why does extra stimulation/focus, etc. help the problem go away?

3) I've read some advice out there to really cut down on masturbation and do none of that stuff for maybe 3-4 days before sex. That's fine, and it makes sense, but does it also mean I'd only be able to have proper sex every 3-4 days? I mean, if I were to do it once or sometimes twice a day, how is that different from my current masturbation pattern?

4) About cockrings: Are they dangerous? I'm worried it might cause problems, cause you're effectively cutting off circulation on purpose. Also, are they meant to be re-usable, or dispose after each use? If dispose, that's gonna get pretty expensive...

5) Supplements: the practical difference between using these supplements is that they are all once-a-day, and I see some recommendations like 3000mg/day, which is more than one tab (yes, I would consult doctor for dosage). That sounds like, price-wise, it might add up to being more expensive than Viagra, which would be more like half a tab before a sexual encounter...

6) What are people's thoughts on exercises like kegels, or some other commercial natural techniques (e.g. "penis advantage")? Some of those really set off my scam alerts, but you never know...

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope I can get some useful pointers for my questions above and possible solutions. Where should I start with all this? I've got about 2 months until I see my girl, and I want to... surprise her hehe.inters for my questions above and possible solutions. Where should I start with all this? I've got about 2 months until I see my girl, and I want to... surprise her hehe.

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