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Anxiety or HIV? wrong diagnosis?

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  • Posted By: anxious66
  • August 24, 2011
  • 01:16 AM

Ok i'm going to try and be short and sweet.

Risk: Unprotected Oral (MSM) I gave, no ejaculation, no more than a minute tops. It was my first sexual encounter and only sexual encounter

Concerned i contracted HIV, showed variable 'symptoms', such as loose stools, mild dull leg pain, slight burning during urination etc etc. went to the doctors, got tested for chlamydia. negative. saw my GP, said my 'symptoms' were anxiety.

Carried on as normal, but wasn't satisfied, as 'symptoms' remained, went to my sexual health clinic specialising in HIV, saw a sexual health advisor, ran urine tests for chlamydia, gonorhhea and took a throat swab and physical examination. all clear.

Still was not satisfied, returned to 2 GP's who both put my 'symptoms' once again down to anxiety. Returned to the sexual health clinic and took a HIV 4th gen duo test about 3 weeks after exposure, that came back negative. advise from the head nurse of HIV was that my risk was so negligible that he didn't want to see me again to return for a 3 month test.

I then had a period of no 'symptoms' and everything seemed to be normal but then i noticed a circular flat spot on the back of my throat, that came along with a dry infrequent cough (not painful or sore throat, more itchy irritated than sore) And a pimple on the bottom side of my lip on the skin. concerned it was herpes. look like this. http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k2...a66/bleugh.jpg
but i suffer from acne, so to me it just looks like a pimple. i also read herpes will show signs 2 weeks post exposure, and this only appeared this morning. so that's a month and 12 days after exposure. can herpes show it's head that late?

Going to the GP to check the spots at the back of my throat which very vaguely looks like thishttp://farm1.static.flickr.com/179/3...1e121877f9.jpg but i only have one, and mine aren't as raised as those.

I also still have stomach rumbling and a slight whiteish tongue, not a coating, just colour. told these were due to anxiety as well... also have about 3 minor petechiae on each arm. but really?

i have been told i am being a major hyperchondriac in that 5 professionals have told me i am ok. i just can't shake this feeling though.

so what i am trying to get at here is..

did i contract HIV from giving unprotected oral for one minute without ejaculation and pre-***?

sorry for the essay..

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