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swollen lymph nodes?

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  • Posted By: GrahamD
  • January 3, 2008
  • 10:55 PM

Hi, my name is Graham Reid. I think that I am currently experiencing swollen lymph nodes in the upper neck and facial region. Just above the jugular vein on either side there are what appear to be two swollen lymph nodes each around 2-3cm by 1-1.5cm in size. I have had at least one (the one on the left) of them for quite a while (months or years, I never took any notice of it before), and I am not sure if they are getting bigger or not (day to day they seem to be much the same size). Apparently, this is naturally a large lymph node, but I would like to know if the sizes of mine are considered normal (I believe the node is called the Jugulodigastric node).

Behind my right ear I have one permanently swollen lymph node (less than .5 cm), it has been this way for as long as I can remember and I do not think it is a cause for concern. On either side of my jaw I have a swollen node, one (one the left) about 3 mm the other about 1 cm, (I am not certain how long these have been swollen but they are not getting any bigger). Under my jaw and below my ear on the right hand side there is a small series of lymph nodes which suddenly appeared, but some of them appear to be going away(this was mirrored on the left but has almost disappeared). Finally I have a small swollen node on the back of my head on the left hand side and two nodes (which I am not sure if they are swollen) on either jaw muscle (about 1-1.5 cm by .3 cm).

I do not regularly experience any of the b-symptoms associated with lymphoma, although twice over the past month I experienced very mild night sweats, and everyone I know considers me healthy. About a month ago, I had a pretty severe cold that may have caused some inflammation and a month before that I had my MMR shot.

My question is; is it possible that I have lymphoma, or is it more likely to be something harmless as most of the nodes are definitely within the normal range? What would you recommend doing about my symptoms? My doctor did feel the node under my neck (the 2-3 cm ones) but after reading that any node over 1.5 cm in length is cause for concern, I am less than satisfied with the way he dismissed my worries so quickly (so I would like to now what the normal size of this node is).


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