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  • Had anyone had lumps on lower back or buttocks area?

    Anonymous 2 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma April 3, 2018 04:24 PM

    I have had a couple lumps on lower back and buttocks area for about 2 years. They didn't hurt until about 6 months ago. I have gone to a couple doctors who didn't seemed too concerned and just gave me steroids and muscle relaxers, which did absolutely nothing. My new PCP finally had a CT scan done...

  • Elevated Platelets, ESR, CRP, and ANA.Now swollen lymph nodes in neck for weeks. Flu like aches.

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma July 13, 2017 08:12 PM

    History of Hidradenitis for over 20 years and Hashimotos Thyroiditis but now have intermittent flu like aches from waist up and swollen lymph glands & lump in neck for weeks. Waiting to have ultrasound on neck and CT of chest. Most recent lab abnormality is CBC with elevated platelets. Abnormal...

  • Can anyone help me I feel very tired and poorly

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma November 18, 2015 05:14 PM

    I have been feeling poorly since August 2013. My symptoms are as follows Gradual weight loss Lower pelvic & back pain Pain under my ribs in the middle, it's a palpitating pain. I had my gallbladder removed for this but it persists! Night sweats Brain fog I am pale and always tired, and in the last...

  • Swollen lymph nodes 6months

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma March 13, 2015 06:32 PM

    Just looking for some advice, similar stories etc. I'm 22yo female fit healthy non smoker. I've had marble size palpable swollen lymph node in my left posterior cervical chain (side of neck) for over 6months. The lump is small measures 1.5cm x7mm on ultrasound but it's getting bigger. I haven't...

  • LGLL and suspicious Thyroid nodule

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma September 25, 2014 03:22 PM

    Need help with thyroid disaese and LgLL. Should I insist on a FNA.

  • How long should you wait until getting a biopsy?

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma July 18, 2011 03:14 PM

    My son has three swollen glands (one in his neck and two in his groin). I took him to the doctor few weeks ago because I noticed his neck looked swollen, although it wasn't painful and he wasn't sick. She found the other swollen nodes in his groin and gave him antibiotics. We went back when...

  • A strange tale

    oxonian 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma July 17, 2011 01:54 AM

    I am 19, male, a student, seemingly healthy, fit. However, I am deeply, deeply anxious, and am presenting with a baffling clinical history. I would greatly appreciate some help.My story begins way back in April, when I was on holiday with my family. One day, around the middle of the month, I...

  • Lymph nodes

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma May 11, 2011 09:39 PM

    Hello, I think a lymph node is throbbing below my arm pit, it feel like its on the ribs or lung. Should I have this checked out?

  • Lymph nodes concerned please help

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma August 13, 2010 09:51 AM

    Last week I felt some round bumps on my neck, I have not had a virus or a cold for a while now. I was concerned and went to show it to my GP, he sent me for a blood text and neck ultrasound, my ultrasound results came back today and when I spoke to the GP he said that I had many lymph nodes that...

  • Oncologist says

    mdviagoogle 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma April 13, 2010 11:30 PM

    I was scheduled for surgery on friday for lymph removal on my clavicular. I had to get cleared by hemo/oncol... MY infecious disease doc started me on 60 mg of prednisone last week and oncologist said all my boodwork and ct and xray have been compromised and most likely skewed. Can this be? I have...

  • xray result

    noktora 3 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma April 1, 2010 02:20 PM

    someone has been diagnosed with a lymphoma and has undergone chemotherapy and post petscan revealed that tha cancer became dormant.but after many months of being without any symptoms . he started getting weak all the time. an xray result indicated that he has a opaque transparency on th one lobe of...

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  • Is it possible to have Lymphoma without many if not any symptoms?

    Anonymous 3 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma February 3, 2010 04:20 PM

    Hello. I just thought i'd post on here to see if anyone could help me with some questions I have.I'll give you a quick overview, promise i'll keep it short... I am a 21 year old female, generally good health, weight, non-smoker etc. About 3 months ago I noticed a swollen lymph node under my left...

  • hardened imoveable lymph nodes?

    Anonymous 1 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma January 8, 2010 07:54 PM

    Hello. I am 27 year old male. Healthy and active. I have a lump on the front of my left ribcage toward the bottom. It is bone hard and visible - about the size of a large marble. I thought for a month or two that this was a bone spur from surfing - since i surf alot and this is a point of...

  • Baseball sized mass on neck. He says it's lymphoma but not cancerous?!

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma December 17, 2009 10:32 AM

    This diagnosis is not for me but for my son's biological father. He had a lump on the back of his neck the size of an baseball and another lump on his arm the size of a golf ball. Both of these lumps were removed. The one on the back of the neck has been there for at least 4 years. It started out...

  • very concerned that it is lymphoma need advice please

    Anonymous 5 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma October 31, 2009 02:18 AM

    Hi. i am 20 years of age and am new to this forum, i have been very very concered about lymphoma. i have been experiencing several symptoms such as chills ( that come and go), weight loss (around the neck and joints e.g wrist, elbows, knees, ankles) , swollen lymph nodes in neck ,armpit and groin...

  • lumps under clavicle, worried :-(

    Teezie 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma October 17, 2009 01:39 PM

    Hi, i am a 35 year old woman with 2 lovely children. For the past 2 1/2 months i have been developing swollen lymph nodes under my clavicle, on my chest and shoulder blade, right side. An ultrasound has been ordered and full bloods done including a cytoglobulin test. All research done regarding...

  • gastric non hodgkin lymphoma

    angel8181 2 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma September 25, 2009 09:06 AM

    60year old man was diagnosed with primary gastric non hodgkin lymphoma more than a year ago.No other sites of cancer were found.radiation and chemotherapy was used. He is free of symptoms and pathology for almost a year now.Today he feels pain in legs and MRI showed pathologic features in right...

  • Prolonged Enlarged Lymph Node

    Random_Teen 1 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma August 4, 2009 03:06 AM

    Okay, a few years ago I got sick. And I got huge bumps on the back of my neck that oozed oil when squeezed. After that I noticed a penny or so sized hard lump under the skin about where the neck connects to the head on the left side. My doctor(back then)said the bumps were overactive glands. ...

  • lymphatic filarisis

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma July 3, 2009 01:30 PM

    hi all i got lymphatic filarisis in my scrotum and it got swollen.... the doctor gave prescription and the medicines worked the the swelling and pain were cured... i took medicines for 3 months and stopped. but after 6 months my testicles got swollen again and it is paining severely... i cant do...

  • worried about 19 month old

    taylorsma 2 Replies
    Posted in: Lymphoma May 11, 2009 01:27 AM

    I just need honest opinons please...In January I brought the baby to the docotrs due to a swollen lymp in his groin. They put him on a antibiotic and we went back a few weeks later and they were on both sides, so they put him on stonger antibiotics. Its now May and we went to see a surgeon because...