What do I do next? Lupus diagnosis taken back?

What do I do next? Lupus diagnosis taken back?

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  • Posted By: goodgoinggrace
  • July 26, 2010
  • 10:08 PM

I am frustrated and don't know what to think any more. My doctor, who originally diagnosed me with SLE has retracted my diagnosis... Last year she did say that she was not well versed with Lupus and needed to do some research so I am now set up to see a new doctor on Friday but I hate to start the process all over!

After my initial diagnosis I did a lot of research and found that many health problems I always knew about but couldn't be explained over the years are actually Lupus related and I was releaved to know that they ALL had an explaination finally. I was supposed to see a rhumatologist at the end of last year but it took 3 months for them to get back to me with an appointment but they didn't take my insurance and by that time I was feeling better, didn't want to go on medication for Lupus if I could help it and was busy moveing so I never went.

Fast forward to this month and I was having a flare up, went to the doctor and was prescribed prednisone. It helped. A few days later I saw my doctor for blood work and a few days after that she called and left a message that it wasn't Lupus but an autoimune disease and she would write another referal to a rhumatologist. A few days later she left yet another message saying that it wasn't an autoimune disease, no rhumatologist would see me end of story. No recomendation, nothing.

I got a copy of my blood work to see what exactly she found... I have many symptoms of Lupus as mentioned above but for the sake of trying to shorten my story I'll not mention them all here, my biggest problem is fatigue, joint pain without degeration (that I do take neurontin for) and a persistant rash on my face and ears that only responds to steroid cream.

So here are my labs from last year at diagnosis: (I was tested for everything else under the sun from vitamin deficiencies to HIV - all found to be normal)

neutrophils - high - 67.4
high protein in my urine - 168
ANA - 1:160 speckled
complement C4 - low - 14
tested for ESR it was normal - 9
rheumatoid factor - negative
ssDNA and dsDNA detected

This month after being on the prednisone for a two days at diagnosis retraction:

Hemoglobin - low - 10.9
Hematocrit - low - 32.9
RBC - marginal at the very last value of normal - 3.8
neutrophils - high - 91
lymphocutes - low - 6
ANA - 1:80 (normal according to this lab)
complement C4 - low - 14 again
dsDNA none detected
smith AB - positive1.6
RNP AB - positive 2.5
sjorgrens A AB positive 2.8
sjorgrens B AB positive 0.9
Cetromere AB none detected
rhuematoid factor negative

other then start over with another doctor I don't know what to do. All the rhuematologists here require a referal from the primary care physician...

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