Please help, could this be Lupus?

Please help, could this be Lupus?

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  • Posted By: HelpinOhio
  • January 11, 2009
  • 10:21 PM

I put this list of symptoms in a thread on the "I can not get a diagnosis. Please help." place, and I wanted to put it up here also since it was suggested. Im a male and 18 years old. Ive had some of these symptoms going back 6 years, but they seem to have gotten a lot worse and many new symptoms started appearing about 2 years ago.

Here is my list of symptoms:

Physical Symptoms: severe fatigue, malaise, pallor, joint pain and grinding, stiffness, muscle aching and easy cramping, severe temperature sensitivity, skin turns white/purple/blue when cold and red when hot, also numbness, very dry skin and hair, flushed face, sunken eyes, teeth look bad yellow/clear because of loss of enamel, photosensitivity, constant colds and sinus infections, pressure in head, headache, constant ringing in ears, constipation, bloating and gas, reoccuring rash on nose and cheeks, lightheadedness, cant breathe, ocassional palpitations, probable stunted growth, low weight with skinny bones, weakness, worsening vision and hearing, need to eat and drink constantly or I feel worse...

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Mild Depression, moderate anxiety, temporary psychosis, feeling of unreality, like being in a bad dream, everything is passing me by, blunted mood, possible psychic abilities, lack of emotion, lowered inteligence, school grades went from As to Ds, mental fatigue, feeling confused/disoriented, bad memory, no motivation, cant concentrate, mood swings...

Does this sound like it could be Lupus? Thanks to all who respond. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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