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  • March 15, 2007
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Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Not getting better. TPOab still near 3,000 and TSH near 5.0.

Symptoms I have Experienced:

· Mitral valve prolapse (slight leak) discovered during doppler evaluation for causes of palpitations.
· Intermittent tachycardia, pulse of 94/minute or higher, resting.
· Incredible difficulty swallowing (sometimes even saliva).
· Intermittent diarrhea and constipation, never normal. Feels like my body holds everything and then struggles to let go. Abdominal swelling, sometimes worse on the left than right. Incredible gas and indigestion lasting more than 10 hours.
· Urinary leakage without sneezing or coughing, strong odor. Bladder hurts when urinating.
· Intense abdominal pain, especially on sides and back. Pain is not muscular or skeletal. Had previously experienced pain and was rushed to the hospital, suspected appendicitis. Later found a small pebble in my underwear. Didn’t make the connection at the time. Discovered large dent where quarter sized cyst was on ovary. Recent pelvic ultrasound revealed suspcious fluid, (Cyst?) going for laparascopy.
· Intolerance to even mild cold. Extends to childhood. Have the heat on in the car in the summer.
· Severe chronic symmetrical Arthritis of metatarsal region in feet.
· Bone pain especially in lower back, feet, hips, neck, and chest; bone loss reported by dentist in jaw.
· Chronic clenching of jaws, severe grinding at night.
· Muscle pain especially in legs, arms, shoulders, neck, and back.
· Chronic cystic acne for the last ten years.
· Headaches (which I never used to get) increased frequency and intensity. Recent
· Shortened (7-2days) and more painful menstrual cycle. Recent
· Severe Anxiety attacks. Recent.
· Adolescent depression.
· Feeling of breathing through a straw, shortness of breath. Worsened recently.
· Recently started snoring severely. Boyfriend recorded it; I couldn't believe what I heard.
· Feeling of a lump in my throat since childhood; recently worse.
· Waking up in the middle of the night for sugar yet craving salty and fatty foods (cheesy)during the day.
· Severe chronic fatigue--feels like drunkenness, especially after eating, recent. Chronic fatigue as a child also, often missed a lot of school.
· "Brain fog" (as though too many thoughts are trying to go through at once and they all get jammed up, unable to complete a thought), recent.
· Vertigo, dizziness, nausea, and have progressively become much more clumsy than I once was. Continually bumping into things. Had always been very well coordinated.
· Difficulty remembering even the simplest or most pressing tasks.
· Difficulty speaking, stumbling over words and blending words at a higher rate than normal. Recent.
· Pruritus: Very specific spots on scalp (father has the same exact spots) and lichen simplex chronicus on foot as a child, recurring in adulthood.
· Eczema: Both eyelids (childhood).
· Tinnitus. Both ears. Episodes last 2-3minutes.
· Unrefreshing sleep, extends into childhood.
· Uniform hair loss/thinning, recent.
· Blurry vision without diagnosable physical cause. Constantly squinting to see. Recent.
· Low-normal body temp (96-97) and blood pressure (90/70), recent.
· High Cholesterol (233) despite dietary restriction, recent.
· Dentist reported bone loss in jaw but bone scan revealed no bone loss elsewhere.
· Lower front tooth mobility.
· Metallic taste in mouth (like a penny).
· Waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps so bad I can only describe them as "rigor,"
· Myoclonus: What other people call the chills, except my whole body convulses momentarily. People often ask me what just happened, and I hadn’t realized before that I was different. I often feel as though someone pulled the plug in the back of my head when this happens. Ruined my best friends wedding tape with the worst attack of muscle spasms I have ever had--in face. Have always had persistent twitches in eyelids, fingers, legs, arms, (visible under skin) and the feeling that there is something on my skin when nothing is there (not even a hair or spiderweb).
· Forty pound of weight gain in abdominal region from 03-06, despite active lifestyle and active dieting.
· Ticks. Run in family; nervous cough/clearing of throat and scratching. Cousin: nervous blinking, shoulder spasms.
· Tetracycline used to treat colic as a baby. Lactose intolerance.

Matches I have Found:

Lyme’s Disease
Pituitary Tumor, Adrenal Dysfunction
Mercury (Amalgam) Poisoning-- Had been exposed elsewhere as well
Other Autoimmune / Neuroendocrine Diseases
Morgellon’s ? Addison’s ? Cushings ?

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