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Just don't know what to do anymore

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  • Posted By: Crossroads
  • July 20, 2011
  • 07:24 PM

I found this site when looking up information on Cirhossis,,,I do believe my spouse has this condition. He has every single sypmtom I have read including the the bloating of the stomach. I have been with this man since high school we are both 43, he has been a heavy drinker for a very very long time his drink of choice is vodka. 3 years ago he left his job and his situation has gotten worse. I'm scared for him, I feel so lonely, sad, angry but mostly scared to I'm going to lose him. He refuses to go to the Doctor. We lost our insurance when he left his job. I almost think he is punishing himself. The bloating of his stomach is scaring me, he tells me he's getting better but he's not. Recently he started a new job about 2 weeks ago however everynight he would come home, exhausted, feet and legs swollen and his belly looks like he is 7 months pregnant. Noone in his family knows, he stays away from them as much as possible due to his weight loss. He has lost so much weight I think he is half the size he use to be. He has bruises all over his legs and can barely stand up. He has loose stools (can barely make it to the bathroom), won't eat, lost all his muscle mass. I have begged him to go to the hospital, he gets angry with me and tells me to "f" off and leave him alone about it. I feel like I have this dirty secret that noone knows about. I tell him I'm going to tell his brother then he proceeds to tell me he will leave me if I do and never speak to me again. :( :mad: He tells me he's getting better and that he's trying to stop drinking. But he doesn't. He tells me he can't stop like that are it will do more harm to him. He's scared I know and this disease is killing him. I'm watching a man I've been with for 25 years just disapear in front of me and I feel helpless. He's very angry all the time. He yells at the cat for just meowing. :confused: I can't believe noone see's what I see. How do you help someone that won't help themselves or they are in denial about what is going on. Yesterday he told me he tried to work out with weights that scares the crap out of me due to the swelling in his belly. I found a free clinic but he won't go because he says the doctors will do something wrong there and he really will die. I should have seen this coming years ago. I've begged him to go to rehab years ago but he just says no. He gets mad at me when I try to talk to him about it. Says to leave him alone. I can't,,,,I won't,,,but I need someone, anyone to help me, push me to get his family involved. I would rather see him live and divorce me than die. When I read the symptoms and I see him I check mark every single one off the list. I take stuff home for him to read and he rips it up and throws it in the air. :mad: How do I help him?

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