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Heptocullar disease likely caused by fatty liver

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 24, 2017
  • 00:57 AM

Hello everyone, I'm glad to have found this forum.
I am 35 year old female and have been going through a lot these last 5 months or so. I have been having so many different symptoms sending me to specialist after specialist.

A few months back I noticed things popping up on my skin. They are raised purple and have several tiny veins that lead away from them. I didn't at the time know what they were but I already had an appointment set with my dermatologist for a cyst on my back so figured I would ask him about it.
Shortly after that I was doing my eye brows and noticed many tiny veins around my nose mouth and chin. I am a little nervous because they weren't there before but again I'm going to see dermatologist so I will show him.
End of June while driving I realize my hands feel sore, I flip the over and realize my palms are red and blotchy looking all but the middle. I thought it was a rash but after 5 days and it was still there i called my dermatologist and my appt moved up.

I go in and see him and point out these things.. he called them "Palmer erythema", "spider nevu" and "Telangiectasia". He points out a few things to me like brown flat spots and some small white dots and skin discoloration. I also remembered I wanted to ask him why suddenly all my veins seemed to coming to the surface. I am olive toned and could never see veins before where they are popping up now. He tells me to go to my primary and ask for blood work as I have every skin symptom of liver disease added in with other symptoms I have been having since March like itching, dry mouth, joint pains etc, memory issues etc.

I go to primary and he says he tested my liver function early may and it was fine. I had a ct scan of my chest and abdomen w/o contrast done may 1st for a lump I found on my left rib and I remembered the report said my liver was enlarged at 20cm but appeared to be something called riedels lobe verses true hepatomegaly so while I didn't think anything of it then I was now and asked for an ultrasound. He was livid. Reminded me my liver function test are normal and the broken veins in the face are caused by alcohol cirrhosis and well I admitted I haven't drank in over 7 years but I drank daily and a lot for several years before I stopped. Finally he gave him and ordered it. I had it done Tuesday week before last. I get a call 2 days later from one of the nurses at my Drs office and she says your ultra sound came back normal except you have fatty liver which is probably caused by your weight or diet but the Dr says if your still having abdominal pain he can send you to a gastro. I accept...

The same day I go to my Drs office to get a copy of the report so I have it for my records when I see the gastro. It reads "diffuse increased echogenicity of the liver suggesting hepatocelluar disease likely caused by fatty liver"... hmmm... why wasn't this mentioned by the nurse when she called me and what is heptocullar disease? I call up the Drs office and explain they had called me earlier and I picked up my report and want to know what exactly this means. She reads the notes the Dr left again and I say this is what i was told earlier but the report says **** and she stops me and says well they word things differently on the reports.. obviously I'm not gonna get an answer from her.

I have an appt with gastro for August 16th. I had my gallbladder removed in 2010 for stones and sludge after I did an extreme diet. I have had the same pain all these years later just not as severe so I decided to go to the hospital that did the ultrasound in 2010 and get the report. It doesn't say anything about heptocullar disease but it says I had fatty liver.. why was I never told about this?? So I'm a little upset and get to talking to other people who tell me fatty liver wouldn't cause all my symptoms.

I haven't drank in 7 years. I did not have a good diet, I drank mountain dew soda all day everyday, I am over weight and take narcotic pain meds everyday and have done do for 5 years now for a herniated disk that's impinging my nerve. I am trying to get surgery but it's hard with my insurance. For the past 6 months I was taking Advil and Tylenol daily. I wasn't aware taking Tylenol the way I was is bad for your liver. I have since threw it away, don't take anymore Advil and have put myself on a diet, no more soda, no more carbs for the time being and no sugar. Just protein, veggies and water. Orange juice here and there. Okay, but I am scared. I have no idea what heptocullar disease is and I fear I may have damages my liver. These skin symptoms wouldn't just pop up for no reason. I have had triglycerides my whole life recently placed on meds for, low good cholesterol and normal bad cholesterol.

Is there anyone here who is going through or has been through this?? Forgive the very long post. I just wanted to give all the information I have.

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