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Cirrhosis & High Blood Sugers, Lethargic?

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  • Posted By: californiawife
  • August 17, 2007
  • 05:42 PM

We found out a month ago that my husband has stage 4 grade 4/5 Cirrhosis So far hes been having the following symptoms ... Mild Jaundice, Pitting Edema in his legs, High blood pressure, Enlarged spleen 18.2 cm, Pain in his liver & spleen area, Severe Fatigue , Fatty Liver , Iron Overload, Low Oxagen Saturation(severe sleep apnea) Nausea Vomiting, Pallor, Lightheadedness, Weakness in his legs ,low platlets WBC & RBC, High fasting blood sugers Highest was 362 fasting , muscle loss , weightloss ...He doesnt have detectable ascities yet they thought he had some because he was bloating really bad but the ct scan was clear for fluid it did show his liver was nodular this was confirmed with biopsy. he also hasnt had varcies yet thank god.. I've been so worried about him since febuary he's been slowly going down hill.. He sleeps 18 hrs a day sometimes I can't wake him and when I do he's slurring when he talks and weak when he walks he needs help he's only 42 his 2 liver drs said they wernt going to refere him for a transplant tell he's throwing up blood but his primary care dr is running more tests and said if he looses 50 pnds he will get him refered over his dr thinks he has diabetic nuroapathy which he seems to think caused him to go from stage 2 grade 2 only 2 years ago and now hes grade 4 stage 4/5 something caused him to go downhill fast he did do interferon 3 years ago for hep c which is still undetectable. Im sorry i keep babling im just so worried about him and i no you all understand...

anyways this am I couldnt wake him again I checked his blood suger & it was 362 he hadnt ate anything since 8 pm yesturday & he was drinking water. When I finally got him up enough to feed him a bowl of cereal he fell asleep eating I tried to get him to walk around with my help and his legs kept giving way this has been happening more and more the last few months sometimes he seams like he doesnt understand anything like hes dazed Im not sure if its his sugers doing this or if he's developing high amonia levels ive had him on a vegatarian diet for a month now at the drs orders to cut out red meat and foods high in protein .. Im at a loss I dont now how to help him and he doesnt want me calling an ambulance every time this happens.. any advice out there???? I did finally get him aroused a while ago & he's off to go hunting with my brother for the week end sometimes he acts ok im just so worried its going to happen up there and no one is going to no what to do...anyways i read all your alls storys here lately and im so sorry you all are going through all this also its a horrable disease....:mad:

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