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  • Posted By: Nickie5
  • September 2, 2011
  • 10:20 PM

August 13th 2011 I was woken up with what I thought was a side stitch at 730 am, so I laid on my heat pack (which I use for my fibromyalgia). After about 15 minutes the pain was continuing to get worse as the minutes passed my husband woke up to me crying, which because of my fibromyalgia happens sometimes, so he didn't think anything of it until I started bawling and groaning and writhing in pain. By 8 am, we decided that I needed to go to the emergency room. He pulled up to the entrance, and the pain by this time was so bad I couldn't stand up straight, and was leaning on the counter at registration crying and could barely fill out the form. They pretty much immediately took me into triage. My blood pressure at that point was at 190/150 and they got my braclets on me and took me back. I was severely nauseated and white. They sent me to xray after about 10 minutes of waiting. I was screaming and ripped a hole in the ER pillow, the sheets for the gurney were all over the floor, and my shoes were scattered around the room, and still they wanted to send me without pain medicine. I had to lay still on the xray table, which was very difficult, and managed it somehow and before they took me back down the hall to my ER room I threw up in the Xray room. I got back down to my ER room and the nurse was preparing to put in my IV (finally) when I started throwing up again. They gave me zofran and morphine. The zofran worked to a point, but the morphine was barely working and then stopped about 20 minutes later, completely. I was back to writing and screaming and crying. They gave me Dilauded after telling me that I shouldn't be in this much pain still. I could finally lay still and dozed off and on for about an hour, when they finally sent me to CT. After they took me back to my ER room. We asked if they saw anything on my Xray and they said that they dont even look at the xray until after they look at the CT. Frustrated, the pain began to come back and the nurse came in and said "The doctor said to give you 2mg, but I'm only going to give you half of it." I was in too much pain, otherwise she would have been on the floor. Another hour later, the ER physician came in to tell me that there was a 4mm kidney stone. She said that I was going to be admitted and went to work on my admission. Long story short, the urlologist used a scope to go up into my kidney through my urethra to use a laser to break up the stone, and it wasn't there. He didn't know where it was, that morning he told me I only had about a 30% chance of passing it on my own. This past Tuesday, I passed another stone, about 4mm, and then last night 9/1, passed another. The first was yellow and brown and the second is black. The urologist said I had a 50% chance of getting one again, and that I would have blood and urine testing in 3 months, but I dont think I should be waiting that long. I am in constant pain on my right side and keep feeling sick. I'm very new to this, so I dont know what is par for the course, so to say, so I thought I would join and ask questions of other people. Thank you

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