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an intro to my situation

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  • Posted By: aaron899
  • May 21, 2010
  • 04:07 PM

hi my name is aaron and i amconstantly urinating or at least feeling like i have to urinate.Been to the doctors and i have a long list of things it isnt. have an ultrasound sometime soon.anywho every now and then for the past 6 or so years i'd eat/drink something then suddenly i'd be urinating about 2-3 times in a half hour full load.these were infrequent but uncomfortable.i have a history of stomach ulcers and about a year ago i was diagnosed with my last one.i cleared it up but after it i had an issue with having to go to the toilet for both no1 and no2.doctor wasnt much help as i would go into him at times with anxiety and he would prescribe me multivitamins and tell me that i needed to relax more.So i got a new doctor.told the doctor about my wanting to go to the toilet a lot and how it seemed to kick up when i got walking.she took blood and urine and tested them.they came up clean except for a slight elevation of creatinine 1.8 which she said was normal as i was in the gym a lot(no steroids not even taking protein).so it seemed to be a mystery what was wrong.doctor referred me to a psychologist for bipolar as i was upset about being sick all the time, the psychologist said i was in perfect mental health and that he doubted that we would ever meet again but assured me that he would be here should i need him.i did an experiment,i cut sugar,alcohol,wheat,yeast,caffeine and legumes from my diet to see what would happen.my bowel movements slowly but surely started becoming regualar again as did my urinating.i also got dermatitus on my face when i started the diet,it was some kind of yeast thing.so i reckoned i had an intolerance to yeast or something and everyhting was AOK.2 months into the diet and i feel great and all of a sudden i feel like peeing a lot again.i go to the doc she does a urine test in the lab its all clear(no std's so that good news) and arranges for an ultrasound which i've yet to have.i figure maybe it was a die off from the yeast being killed in my body and that the toxins were in desperate need to be flushed;so i carried a bottle of water with me and drank from it constantly.i felt great and thought i had it fixed.but after 3 days of this it came back.so now i though perhaps i was drinking too much water.its tiring.there are no leads as to what it is but the doctor reckons its my kidneys.the good news is i feel great cos of my diet and the whole yeast thing was an eye opener.does anyone have any ideas or can anyone relate to this? its been going on long enough i'm 24 year old male who finds it hard to leave the house cos i'm constantly thinking of the where the next bathroom is.i should add that i've tested my bladder for control and i have drank a 2 litre bottle of water and kept it in for 2 hours...it was uncomfortable to say the least but it proves the bladder can hold it

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