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whiplash, muscles, nerves etc

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2008
  • 10:53 PM

I had the worst experience of my life. What felt like a ball of blood squeezed up from the inside of my head and fell like a fountain down my head face and neck. I became psychotic and it felt like someone was electrocuting the back of my neck. It was very painful but not on the outside. It felt like someone was holding my head into a tv and forcing me to watch bad movies and the static from the tv was ripping my hair out. I felt a ball inside my head like it was electric and it was shaking inside.
It was so painful and so disturbing I was trying to kill myslef but I couldnt figure out how to.
I suffered for about 3 hours and then for about 5 hours more. Sometimes I felt paralyzed and sometimes i felt giddy and sometimes I was so bombarded with memories that I wanted to stab myself in the head. The veins in my hands and feet swelled huge and then would collapse deep into my skin. It felt like there were tight banks around my wrists and ankles. My eyes would cross and my pupils would dialate and pin. When i looked in the mirror, they would pulsate like a heart beat. My skin was very white and puffy and my sweat felt too oily and sometimes like pure water. Unfortunatley i never lost consciousness and i wasn't able to yell or scream. I am only 30 something but i have suffering numerous injuries to my spine especially to the top part. The weird thing is that my pulse, bp, temperature, movements and bathroom stuff were normal. Everything seemed normal except what was happening inside my body. Eventually I felt comfortable enough to take a large dose of pain medication and then i just felt like i was under water. My neck would swell on the sides and pinch the center of my througt, and then it would feel like there was a rope around my neck strangeling me. The medical people except for maybe one nurse were very unhelpfull even abusive, and people who knew me were very dismissive. I finally after many months and a tricky visit to a former family doctor, was able to get a scan but could not really get a report on it. I payed for the copies myself and educated myself on how to read them. Anyone non medical that i came into contact with was hateful, ignorant, hostile, abusive, impatient, and self serving. It is very difficult to obtain the pain medication that I need and the medical and general service attention that I received was terrifying. So, I stablilized myself with some kind of condition plus the injuries with asthma inhaler medication and over the counter pain medication with no other medical services and I am able to tolerate whatever this condition is. The absolute worst part of everything was being forced to stay in a hospital over night. After they did what they wanted to do to me, I left and treated myslef. I resent having to deal with a condition and having to alter whatever they decided they were obligated to "do for me". I can't replace destroyed tissues etc but I was able to remove the medications. However, I am happy to say that I believe they have moved on to other things and I can now research how to take care of myself. Chiropractors are weird. They do weird things and you can never hit them.

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