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Foot crushing injury

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 23, 2010
  • 04:44 PM

I made this post in another section (didn't realize there was an injury specific forum). Here are my posts:

I'm quite upset right now so I apologize if I leave out any important information. My foot was crushed two weeks ago and I could not put any weight on it for two days. There is very limited movement, I can move it up and down about a centimeter. It was x-rayed and showed no fractures. A week after the injury happened, a large bump (large gumball sized) appeared on the outside edge of my foot. The bump is very painful to touch and hurts constantly. Even when there is no weight on it, it will hurt...almost a tightening feeling but it is hard to explain. A week later, there has been no improvement (in pain, lump size, or mobility) so I went to my doctor. The doctor looked at it for a second, and said "it's bruised, it will hurt."

This is greatly interfering with my job (it's a physical job). I horseback ride and cannot put my heel down to ride, even forcefully. I told my doctor this and she said "you can walk now, what do you expect me to do?" Needless to say I was quite shocked and upset...it could very well be nothing, but I need to make sure because I cannot have a foot with limited mobility...again, I can't work properly. If I worked at a desk I wouldn't be as concerned.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong? I was thinking I would be referred to a physio place or get an ultrasound or SOMETHING.

My foot is still the same, it aches lightly all the time and hurts a lot to do normal tasks. I went for physio and they suggested a bone scan and sent a letter to my doctor, however my doctor will only let me have another x-ray.
Physio said if it's a stress fracture a bone scan will be much more helpful.

However, I'm really not convinced it's a stress fracture...I think if the injury caused a break it would have been a complete one, and that's obviously not the case. The lump on the side of my foot is still there and the major source of pain (along with pain up the side of my ankle). I'm concerned a tendon is possibly torn. I hate doing the self-diagnosis thing but I had to look up foot anatomy...where the peroneus brevis tendon attaches to the fifth metatarsal is where the lump is (I have a very tiny bump in the exact same place on my other foot).

I don't want to freak myself out if there's nothing to worry about, but my I know my foot is not right and I'm worried it's going to take a long time to get my doctor to listen to me. Should I be asking for an MRI?

Here is a picture approximately 5 days after the injury:
This was before the bump formed. The bump is right above the purple bruising on the side of my foot now. Also, if you look above the purple bruising on the side of my foot and to the left...there is a red line there (not a cut). The red line is still there and follows the line of the bump on my foot? My physiotherapist was a bit stumped by it.

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