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ASSULT - please someone help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 19, 2007
  • 03:15 AM

Hi please i know that this is a medical site, and that i'm about to talk about violence, but it stems from a medical issue. i'm running out of ideas and this is the only place i can think of to put this stuff down.

I'm an epileptic and suffer from a horrendous amount of seizures. My hubby who has always been supportive of them just can't handle them anymore i dont think. Last night during a seizure he got so frustrated at my body not doing what he wanted it to do that he smashed my head into the bed frame. He hits me when i start shaking, and shakes me if i have trouble breathing. If its a grand mal and i'm unconcious he's told me he leaves the room and lets me hit my head and thrash around and spit-up all over myself because if he watches me or tries to put a pillow under my head or something he goes balistic and and i wake up again covered in bruises.

I really want to believe that he's just traumatised by the events. its not like he lies to me about it, he's never blamed my bruises on falling into things while seizing, although that's what we tell me friends and family.

Last few days though i feel he's really losing it and becoming violent. Like seriously violent. Not just last night has he seriously hit me. A few nights ago I was upset and crying and I had a petite seizure (not even a biggy) and he stood me up and threw me accross the room and i passed out mid throw. He says he had to recusitate me. But sometimes he has to do this after a seizure anyway.

He's reallly scaring me, but I'm scared for him more than anything. How must he be feeling inside to do these things? He says that i scare him and he's seen me seize for 2 1/2 years now. Is it just getting all too much for him? SHould i get him some help? Should I leave? What should I do?

Please someone, anyone I'm so confused and scared. I love my hubby but He has me so scared for both our safetys right now.

please someone answer back with some advice

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