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Mild malaria?

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  • Posted By: marz1982
  • February 22, 2010
  • 11:50 AM

I went on a cruise to mozambique about a month ago (15th- 19th January). We were only on one of the islands during the day, rest of the evening until the next morning, we were on the cruise liner, which was about a km or 2 away from the shore. I don't recall a mosquito bite, but I was scratching the top of my foot that was itchy at once stage. I never checked it out to confirm an actual bite.

The evening after we were on the island, I had unrelenting nausea, diarrhoea, shaking and shivering. It only lasted the evening, and I felt better the next day. The rest of the week I was feeling fine.

Exactly a week after the trip, I had another bout of the same illness with the same symptoms. I went to the emergency room because I was aware of the danger of malaria, but the tests came back negative. The doctor said I probably have a viral infection and sent me home with supportive meds.

In both cases, anti-nausea meds didn't help one little bit. Nothing helped for the nausea and pain, it was the worst experience I ever had.

Now one month after this, I'm still waking up in the middle of the night with chills, shaking, nausea and diarrhea, although the nausea is not as bad as it was that first week (Thank goodness!). Another constant symptom is a burning feeling across my back and down my arms, and on the palms/soles of my hands and feet. The burning feels like heat being given off my body. I don't have a temperature though (constantly under 37 degrees C). The episodes seem to have a cycle - 2 days I feel fine, and then on the 3rd evening I start feeling nauseous, lose my appetite, and at night get an episode of the shakes. My heart rate usually also skyrockets to around 120bpm, and it's usually 80 or so.

Some days I feel 100%, and then I have an episode that night.

I have been back to the doctor twice already, had more malaria tests that came back negative. This was about 2 weeks after this all started. Pregnancy tests came back negative. Stool test was done, also negative but they did mention candida.
The doctor prescribed doxycycline 100mg once a day for 7 days. This did relieve symptoms after a few days of taking it. But about a week after I finished the course, the symptoms all came back again.

It doesn't seem to be getting worse, it's just making me lose around 3 hours of sleep every other night, since I find it impossible to sleep when I'm going through this.

Is it possible I still could have malaria, even after tests (dipstick rapid test, and thick/thin slides) have come back negative?

Is it even possible I could have been bitten when I only spent time on the island during the day (Mosquito that spreads malaria only bites in the evening), possibly a mossy made the trip all the way to the cruiseliner?

Going back to the doctor for the 4th time next week... but I'd appreciate any ideas/help!

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