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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 24, 2007
  • 06:49 AM

Heres my info below and alot of this is going to sound completely random but im lost so take a look. Thanks

Sex : Male
Age : 21
Height : 6'4
Weight : 171
Smoke/ Drink : Ive never had any nicotine or alcohol in my life at all
Profession : Professional cyclist

Heres some quick background of my lifestyle. For 6 years I was a professional BMX racer. Then I raced Mountain bikes for 2 years and am now road cycling at a professional level just not riding for a team right now. While not injured I average about 300 miles a week. Sense 8th grade non stop Ive obviously been riding a bike but I played basketball, soccer. Ran track and cross country all through highschool and every other day I swim a mile Ive been swimming at that pace for for about two years now. Up until Jan. 06 my only problems ever had been broken bones. But thats a given being on a bicycle that much. Your bound to crash eventually :)

Here are my symptoms

Jan 06:
for two months I could barely swallow and had extreme ear pain
Apr :
Found an absess tonsil. Had my tonsils and adnoids removed.
Apr- Jun:
still could barely swallow. Had to focus to swallow and ear pain got much worse. They found a bacteria but they eventually had to take me off the antibiotics because I was on them too long. The pain has become manageable now. Ive really just gotten used to it because of all my other problems to come.
July: There were about two weeks where my entire body hurt. And it was completely random. I would wake up, sit on the end of my bed and wait for a new pain to come. Within two hours that pain would be gone and now for instance my left leg would be throbbing. Then it would move again from side to side and up to my shoulder. That subsided eventually randomly.
August: For another two weeks somehow I could not move my neck at all. I didnt want to look either way. But once again that just went away. So rhe neck wasnt that big of a deal.
Oct. : SUCKED! So I was riding my bike. Felt like I got a really bad cramp in my back. I just kept going thinking it would go away.. well it got worse and worse until I eventually fell over riding in the middle of the road. It was kidney stones. Ambulance had to come :) all I can do is laugh at that one. It took me two weeks to pass five calcium stones. And I also get plantar fasciates in my left heel. But that didnt bother me to much. They told me I cant really damage the plantar any worse so I just ride with the pain. It takes alot to get me off a bike. The kidney stones worked :)
Nov. : It felt like I was completely new to cycling because I was having every problem new cyclist have. Wrist, IT BAND, back, shoulders.

Ok so this is where it gets interesting. In Dec driving home one night I felt this small cramp like feeling in my abdominal area. Went to sleep hoping it would go away. Woke up with it feeling pretty bad, got into a doctor that day, did a urine sample. found out that afternoon everything looked fine. The next day I wake up to it hurting extremely bad. Decide to go into the ER. They didnt know. Well the next day. So three days from the start of the pain the pain is a little better but my left testicle has swollen to about triple its normal size. Go back into the ER. They do an ultra sound and a urine and blood test. Everything looks fine but they say its Epididymitis. Which I didnt understand because theres no infection. So I go see a urologist. He doesnt even bother to look at me. Just gives me doxycline. So I go get a second opinion. He says its prostatitis and not epididymitis. Which I do understand run together. Ok so now about two weeks after that first pain my left big toe starts hurting. Im sitting on the coach and out of no where my big toe is throbbing. go to a podiatrist. He gives me a cortisone shot. The next morning I literally wake up to all my toes on both pain including that big toe feeling like they had been smashed with a hammer.

Its now into Jan. The toes, and prostate and testicles have not gotten better at all. And now just for fun I cant extent my arms fully. Like the inner part of elbow hurts so bad. Im also noticing my vision feels blurred/ doubled and my eye lids shutter from time to time.

Now my latest problem while swimming my thumbs startedhurting extremely bad and now wont go away. Have no idea how that happened. Im also getting these shooting pains from my tail bone to my penis. Im also getting random bruisings on my body that I know are not from injury.

During the summer I saw a rheumatologist for those random pains. With blood tests and examaination he said everything looked fine. Sense December I have seen Urologists, rhuematologists, nueralogist, endocrinologist, sports orthopedics and with blood and urine test, EMG test and an MRI of my lower back they have found nothing.

The only thing one rheumatologist suggested. He said "im just making a guess" is that I have raynoids disease and thats the toe pain but my toes dont feel cold, to me or to the touch. They just feel like pins and needles and numb along with the pain. So I tried nyfidipine (sp) for that and it didnt do anything. A sports ortho Ive been seeing has me on gabapenton but I thought the EMG ruled out nueropathy? The nueralogist didnt think it was that because of the test results also. The gabapenton doesnt help either. I just feel like a ***n zombie on that stuff.

Im pretty much losing my mind. I havnt been a bike sense Dec. 24th. Thats a long time for me. It feels like I cant do anything now without getting hurt. I mean I swim and thumbs are killing me. Its not like im new to swimming either. Over the years of competing ive become very familiar with my body and pains from overuse problems, like muscle strains and what not. All these pains ive been experiancing ive never felt before.

I know alot of this seems random but ever sense January 06 its been one thing after another from the previous 20 years of my life really not having one thing wrong with me at all.

One thing Im continually asked is if Ive made any life style changes this last year. I know my diet hasnt changed. If anything my excercise has gone done a little. especially these last three months. I did travel to France and China this year but came home feeling fine. The only thing I can think of thats changed is in Dec. of 05 I bought my first home. Before that I had lived with my parents for 20 years in the same house my entire life. But during the summer with that ear and throat pain I was tested for allergies and everything was fine. The only test that has ever shown anything which really wasnt even a test was the Kidney stones. But thats pretty obvious.

So thats my story. Any advice would be amazing. Because im completely lost. Its extremely frustrating when you make a living from your athletic ability and it feels like those have been taken away from you.

Thank You very much

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