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Wrist/Arm pain, lump over tendon

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  • Posted By: BesideMyself
  • April 16, 2008
  • 03:12 PM

For background, I am a type 1 diabetic. I have recently been diagnosed with Raynaud's, and my cardiovascular specialist suspects both arterial and venous insufficiency (tests upcoming, but there is a wait to get in the schedule). I have developed a lump on my inner wrist suddenly on the thumbside tendon about 2 inches below the hand. For several days before that I have had pains in my inner elbow near the vein they used several times in a row about a month ago for blood tests. I had a similar lump right after the tests down near my wrist near the vein there on top of the tendon. They said it was probably dermatitis at that point. It went away. Now it is back, and the hand is stiff. My left arm seems to have muscle weakening or atrophy starting, wrist is thinning and muscle area feels flabby and loose. I am disabled/homebound so atrophy is not out of the question, but this came on pretty fast. There is pain in the inner wrist but not specific to the lump, closer to the hand. The lump can be moved off the tendon if I spread the skin so it seems to be associated with either skin or maybe a blood vessel. Slightly pink, a bit smaller than a pencil eraser. Not scaly or shiny. No streaking on arm or discoloration. Some pains in palm side of hand and wrist and slight numbess on back of hand. Pinchy pain in inner elbow near bloodtest site. Raynaud's seems about the same as usual.

I just had a an auto-immune test for lupus which came out negative and I think that test also eliminates rheumatoid arthritis. I doubt this is cancer because it came once before, vanished and returned, all suddenly. I doubt this is a tendon problem because it can be moved off the tendon. Not sure if this could be something serious(circulatory) or if it's just some aspect of Raynauds they didn't warn me about? Could my vein have been damaged almost a month ago by multiple bloodtests? Could I have had some sort of nerve damage from those tests somehow? Blood clot in elbow or wrist, maybe? My whole arm from the elbow down bothers me when I move it. It felt fine a week ago, but in retrospect my arm has been weak ever since the blood tests I think. I am a slow healer from bloodtests and didn't notice at first the arm was also getting thinner.

Can anyone point me in the direction of which specialist to call? My diabetes is complicated by a bunch of other problems and the GP just has me call specialists now instead of seeing me for anything that isn't a sore throat or something. I don't even know which one to call this time. I also have scoliosis, but suspect it is not connected to this. Any ideas?

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