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Worsening medical symtoms over past couple of years, no help

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  • Posted By: chloeblack101
  • June 28, 2008
  • 06:54 AM

I had issues with my last posting, and it was WAY too long (got cut off and there's a delay on posts so I couldn't add the rest in a reply). So just scrap that, ignore it... I'll delete it (if that's an option, if it ever gets posted).

I have been seeking treatment for a tic/tremor since around July/August 2006. This tic/tremor may have started when I was a teenager as just a rare, simply facial/eye twitch (on the right side) that I ignored; it happened very rarely and I just thought it was a cold shiver. That condition may have completly stopped before I noticed what I sought treatment for, so it may have been unrelated. However, as of July/August 2006, the tic/tremor had become and entire upper body problem. It was my neck at first; it would randomly spasm, causing my head to often tilt to the right (or even slightly back, causing me to bump my head). Then, aside from my neck and head still continuing to violently ***k, occassionally my right arm would be effected. At first, it would violently ***k, sometimes all the way above my head depending on my current position. My arm isn't affected as often anymore (and usually not nearly as violently, only slightly pulling off to the side instead of jerking violently uptward/outward). These tics/tremors seem to have no trigger (other then I used to feel they were affected by cold and/or stress), and come and go. Some days I have no problems, and those tic-free times can last for days. Some days it's only slight problems (the occassional twictch and nothing more), and yet some days, I can't sit still for no apparent reason. I've gotten no diagnosis on this matter, except one doctory believed it was just a form of Tourettes. And although the past few weeks I have noticed that I occassionally (but not always, and ONLY for the past few weeks) make a vocal noise, I sort of doubt the Tourette's theory.

The main reason I wanted to post, however, is because last year (around June/July of 2007), I began experience worsening, chronic back pain. I believed it muscle strain/stress at first, but have since (at least attempted to) linked the pain to intake of refined sugars/carbonination. Though my doctors agree that removing things with these chemicals (dextrose, sugar, corn syrup) is a good idea, they do not believe me when I say that I believe my pain is directly linked to their consumption. The pain is in my lower back mostly. However, sometimes the pain is so intense it seems to travel all the way up past my shoulder blades. I cant pinpoint the exact chemical recation on my own (some things I think are safe turn out not to be, while others I thought weren't turn out to have no affect) and my doctors claim they've never heard of an actual PHYSICALLY PAINFUL reaction to refined sugars/carbination. I wanted to see if anyone else has developed such an allergy, and see if they know what causes it. The back pains started before I began taking metformin for my POS, and I hoped the drug would help, but it has had no affect on the chemical imbalance causing my back pains. I'm also prone to headaches, and many other aches and pains (I've had undiagnosed headaches all my life, though they're not migranes). I've suffered depression on and off all my life (worst this past year due to grieving the loss of a loved one), and have not been able to find any antidepressent I don't turn out to be allergic to that helps. I'm currently taking no antidepressents and seeking no thearpy, although considering here lately I can't seem to stop crying (for no reason other then intense sudden sadness with no provoking) I probably should.

To sum, these are my symptoms (all possibly completly unrelated):
Neck/Head/Arm Spasms/Tics
Lower back pain, spreading to shoulder pain
Neck pain
Headaches (though many may be linked to allergies/sinus polyp)
Increased Sensativity and Irritability (certain smells make me physically ill when they never used to bother me, and its becoming increasingly easy to upset me)
Sleep pattern disturbances (takes hours to get to sleep, have trouble staying asleep, often feel as if I never get rested, always tired)
Occassional visual problems (slighly blurry vision, some dizzyness, although none noted since I decreased my metformin dose)

There's probably more smaller things. But really it's the tics and severe back pain I can find no treatment for that are most bothersome. If anyone could offer something I might need to be on the lookout for, someone for me to tell my doctors to check, that'd be really great. Not getting any help for problems that have been getting worse (or popping up anew) for nearly 2 years has been very frustrating.

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