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Wife has seizure like symptoms, but no help

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  • Posted By: Kaauzz
  • December 23, 2008
  • 04:21 PM

Im browsing the net because of my wifes seizure like symptoms which have been going on for about 4 years. Doctors told us she was "crazy" and "its all in her head." We have been sent to shrinks and doctors and a neurologist. Who did cat scans, eeg's, bloodwork and nothing came out of it. She went to Shands in Jacksonville for a 3 day stay. Which she had 9 seizures the 1st day. The tests came back normal. They said she wasnt having seizures. I have over 6 hours of video taped seizures and she has had 49 seizures as of this year. There are a few 1st signs that she gives. 1st her eyes get glassy, then she yawns uncontrolabally, her lip twists, then she cries. Her hands clinch tight and she shakes. Her eyes roll in the back of her head. The shaking my last 15 seconds and may go on for 5 minutes. Afterwards, she can not talk for hours afterwards and she can not walk normal for up to two days. She does not pee herself but I have to pick her up and take her to bathroom right afterwards cause then she does have to pee.
We actually went to a neurologist who wanted to put her on seizure medicine. So we did and it wasnt helping. Then she had a seizure in his office and he told me there was nothing else he could do for her. What kind of ***n neuorologist is this? A sorry one if you ask me.
Now I have no job, was laid off, am fixing to lose my house and cant afford a doctor or the medication which dont work for her anyways. We are fighting for disability but they wont pay as their is no diagnosis. She was also denied disability because of her age and education and I have paperwork to prove it. What does disability have to do with age and education?
My wife wants to give up and is tired of not being able to work. She just wants a job and wants to be normal. The doctors are all a bunch of idiots who dont want to look passed their noses to find out what is wrong.
If anybody knows anything, what might be wrong or what might be causeing these symptoms please let me know. I write down everything. If I ever get the money to take her to a doctor I will have a list of stuff I want him to check. Yeah, also im on unemployment, but I make to much money on unemployment to get her Medicaid. I would like to thank the government for screwing us while we are down and out. Makes me wish this would happen to one of their family members. I bet they would get Disability, the best doctors and a diagnosis. Please email me at thuja67766@mypacks.net, my name is Scott.

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