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Wierd dizziness

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  • Posted By: netfreak
  • April 24, 2008
  • 10:51 AM


I am a 25 year old male. I have been suffering from a wierd kind of dizziness for the past 2 months. It started with disorientation and confusion - a feeling of being drunk all the time. No vertigo but dizziness - 24 hours without a break. This has slowly progressed and now i have a severe problem in focussing my vision. It's as if I'm staring into nothing all the time and it takes a lot of effort in focussing on objects near or far while overall, there's no fixed focus for my vision - it's as if i'm focusing on nothing. Now, for the past few days, the effort required in focusing has increased and I guess due to that I am experiencing a headache. Why I assume that the headache is associated to this is because when i let my eyes rest (i.e., staring into nothing), the headache eases. Also, I can now see halos around lights and sensitivity to lights has increased in general.

As a background, I had a recurring urinary tract infection from october, which has now (hopefully) been cured. I am still on antibiotics though. However, this seems unrelated as most doctors have mentioned. I have done the following tests, which were all normal

Complete blood count
Urine routine analysis
Blood Urea Nitrogen / Creatinine
Urine Creatinine
Liver function test

In addition to this, I've been to an opthalmologist, who has mentioned that my vision has not deteriorated and he also conducted tests to see if my eyeballs were moving fine and if they were aligned along with pupil dilation tests, etc. FYI, I am myopic and wear spectacles. He however said that there might be an underlying problem related to my central nervous system or it might be a metabolic problem owing to the antibiotics that I have been taking (unlikely according to me) - or it might be a problem in my ears.

I went to an ENT after this, who checked my ears with an endoscope (??) and showed me that my eardrums were sucked in - not a great sign. He did an audiometry test, which showed that my middle ear was absolutely fine. He however said that my symptoms point to sleep apnea (yeah right!!!), which is obviously incorrect because I do not wake up at night gasping for breath and neither do I snore one bit. I'm not overweight either.

Anyway... this is my case. I am visiting my physician again tomorrow (who had in the past prescribed stugeron which actually aggravated my condition) to ask him for help as my condition is deteriorating everyday, i.e., the focusing problem is intensifying with the headaches and so is the dizziness and confusion.

I must add that I am going to work (I have to sit in front of the computer for 8 hrs) everyday and there's no problem as such in concentrating or thinking. No fever or nausea either. However, the headache is causing an impediment of late.

Look forward to any assistance.

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